December 11, 2008

The wedding - the finale

The garter toss was something I was concerned about. I knew in advance that we had very few single men coming, and I worried that the ones there would be too shy to come forward. Thankfully the DJ was able to coax them out.

The bouquet toss was another story. My friend that caught it swore she wasn’t trying – but then again she was standing in the middle of all the girls so she wasn’t running from it either!

Some of my family isn’t comfortable with dancing, so I worried that the DJ would be a waste and no one would dance. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Mr. Right was anxious to get home, so after a couple hours of dancing we called it a night.

The getaway car was his dad’s Hummer, so after just a few feet of driving our Coach turned into a Pumpkin as we traded the Hummer for Mr. Right’s Durango. Since this is a G rated blog, I think the story stops here.


  1. Haha, Brooke, you are so funny!! Love the pictures; it looks like you had a really fun wedding. =)

  2. Hehe!! I love it! We had the same concerns (lack of single guys, my fam doesn't dance) but it turned out good! I love it "this is a G rated blog" haha :)


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