September 02, 2010

A Fun Discovery

Even the most organized amongst us have junk drawers.  Or at least I do. 

Sadly, I have one even at work.  I was looking through it the other day and found 2 floppy disks from college.  Just so you know, when I was in college floppies were no longer actually floppy.

I'm not sure why I was keeping them, but I went poking through them this morning and found some interesting stuff - enough to keep me in blog posts for a while.

In my creative writing class we had to write poetry as well as short stories.  I have no clue what I was thinking when I wrote this one, but I'll explain the assignment at the end.

She violently rips away his disguise.
He wears a callous skin,
trying to conceal his tenderness,
yet she tears through.

Piece by piece
she mutilates his dream.

His tears flow freely
as she severs him into fragments.

Only seeds remain,
Cast away by his assassin.

Our assignment was to write a poem about an orange.  Yep, a piece of fruit.  Go re-read.  I'll wait.
File this one under "what the beep was i thinking?"


  1. This is a whole new side of you! :)

  2. L.

    please, oh please, share more!

  3. Bah!

    Those words really made me feel for that poor orange.


  4. wow....I will never look at an orange the same way again. That's pretty good!

  5. my junk drawer fell out of my desk at work...threw everything back in "just the way it was" :)

    check out my blog, you've received an award! :)

  6. Love the poem! Can't even count how many junk drawers I possess...

  7. Wow. You have mad poem writing skillz!!

    I have two junk drawers ~ I don't know if you saw that post awhile ago, but I discovered an empty drawer in my kitchen & put my chocolate stash in it! So, I have the typical junk drawer & the junk food drawer!

    {RYC~scarves aren't necessary here, but they're cute! I would think they're pretty important in Ohio!}

  8. That was great!!! :) Have a great holiday weekend!

  9. When I was in college, floppies weren't floppy either! Anyways, that was hilarious...thanks for sharing!

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