September 08, 2010

Wednesday Already??

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Let's forget the scale shall we? 

I didn't this morning, but I wish I had.  So rather than chase you away bore you with all my whiny details how about we just skip ahead to the good parts?

I had a kick ass run last night.  The original plan was to meet up with the area's run group (who's first meeting since before summer was last night) but when the temps hit the 90s I decide to hit the treadmill.  I started at a 5.5 MPH speed, telling myself that I could take a walk break at the end of a mile if I needed one.

Only I didn't.

In fact I was feeling so good, I bumped the speed up 0.1 MPH.  Then after a quarter mile, I bumped it up again.  And again.  I upped my speed every quarter mile until I got to 6.1.  The half mile of 6.0 and 6.1 I was really starting to feel it.  At that point I'd already banked 2 miles, so those speeds were during my last mile of running.

At 2.5 miles, I started to take it back down.  Every 0.15 I bumped it down.  Until I got to 5.8 MPH and saw that I was dangerously close to my 5K PR.  If I jacked the speed back up, maybe I could get close to that time (my current PR is 32:09). 

I ended the 3.1 miles with a bang - and my time was 32:30.  Considering I always run faster during a race than in training I have no doubt that were the race this weekend a standard 5K I would have a new PR.  With the military crawling through mud, the 4 foot wall, and the giant mud pit that I have to run through, I think its safe to say that this weekend will be my worst 5K time yet.

But also the most fun.

Jay's challenged me for my next run to set the speed on 5.8 and try to maintain that the entire 3 miles.  As easy as 5.5 came to me, I think there is a shot I might actually be able to do it.

Countdown update:

3 sleeps until the mud run
4 sleeps until the beach
18 sleeps until the triathlon


  1. I like how you do your countdowns in sleeps! =) Great run!!!!

  2. Sounds like the 5K is going to be fun and great run!

  3. Great job on the run last night. That's awesome.

    I may have to steal your thing and start counting down in sleeps. I love it!

  4. Yahoo for that awesome run! Now eat healthy and drink your fluids and you'll be making that new PR in no time!

  5. Love the sleeps things!! Good luck this will rock it!!

  6. That's how we countdown to fun things too! Sleeps!!

    WAY TO GO on the treadmill girl. Pushing yourself and doing better than you thought you could is always the best feeling! I'm proud of you!!

  7. I totally would've hit the treadmill, too, instead of running outside in that heat! Way to go!! I have no doubt that you'll beat your PR next time you run a standard 5K!

  8. you're going to the beach the day after the military 5K?




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