September 23, 2010

Trust in the Lord - Thankful Thursday

About a little over a month ago, my husband and I bought yet another piece of land.  Bringing our grand total up to 5 pieces of property.  Only one of which held a structure - the other 4 are empty pieces of land. 

I'll just tell you - that makes me nervous.  What good is an empty piece of property? 

As many of you know, Jay is a real estate agent and grew up with the knowledge that real estate is a great investment.  I grew up in a savings account and CDs kinda family.

This particular piece of land was a foreclosure going up for auction.  He would be attending the auction with a real estate buddy of his (aka "the boyfriend" I tease him that he talks to this buddy on the phone more than he did me when he and I were dating!).  Typically for auctions we agree on a certain amount he can spend - if the property goes for that or lower, he can buy it.  Otherwise he has to let it go.

To me, auctions are terribly dull.  Plus my objective $ figure means he doesn't get caught up in the excitement of the atmosphere.

We agreed that he wouldn't spend more than 10% of what the property sold for originally.  This land was in a high class development (home to several $1 million + homes) with double gated access and a community pavilion.

The thought of all this made me nervous.  After all the money in our bank account was for my much needed bathroom remodel.  Jay and I prayed about it, and I trusted that whatever happened would be for our best interest.

I had to trust God, and trust in my husband.  We had that money in the bank because he is darn good at his job. 

My mother and I were visiting my grandmother in the hospital when I got the call.

"We got it."

My heart sank.  I'd secretly been hoping that God would get me out of it by making it sell for too much money. 

My mom tried to reassure me - if I'd prayed about it then I had to trust that it was God's will for us to have it.   "Sure," I reasoned "but what if its God's will that we fall upon financial ruin so that we seek Him and discover our need for Him and Him alone?"

We closed on the land August 26th, and with that I lost my hopes of a claw foot tub and double sinks in my bathroom. 

This weekend, Jay received a call.  Someone was interested in purchasing the property from us.  His offer was less than we were hoping for, but such a quick sale meant no property tax bills or HOA fees out of our pocket.

I'm not being flippant when I say THANK GOD!  For so many things.  For a husband I can trust to use our money wisely.  For showing just a little patience and still getting my bathroom remodeled this fall.  For a God that is with me no matter what. 

Because even if the outcome would have been different, He is still sovereign.  He is still in control and working things for my good.

PS - My mothers reaction to the offer?  "Do the two of you poop gold?"

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Hmmm...interesting isn't it. We want God's will for our lives but oh how we don't really want the how we get there to be too hard. Learning to trust in Him and how He works through our husbands...a good lesson not always quickly learned. And I LOVE the "poop gold" comment...pretty funny.

  2. that's awesome news!
    (and i'm kinda with your mom. lol)

  3. Your mom's comment cracked me up!

    But yeah, a Certain SomeOne has a warped sense of humor sometimes. ;-) Or maybe it's more like parents making kids wait for Christmas for something they've been longing for. Sure, you know you're going to give it to them eventually; in a way, it's hard to wait, watching them get all excited-anxious, but in another way, there's something priceless about their excitement when they do finally get it.

    (And, no. I really don't think God will make you become a bag couple.)

  4. Congrats! That's awesome. I can't wait to hear about the bathroom remodel.

  5. HIP HIP HOOOORAY!!!!! You are so right!! the things we give up to Him work out the best!

  6. Yay! I'm glad it all worked out well! When does the bathroom remodel start?

  7. god sure knows what he is doing! thanks for sharing your story! i'm always grateful for stories like these! they strengthen my faith!

  8. Wow! That's a great thankful story.

  9. Doesn't God just amaze you?
    Your mom's comment made me Laugh!!
    Celebrating with you!
    Happy TT - do the dance sista!

  10. Wow! What an emotional ride you've been on! Yes, you will be ok. Just think, your husband has spent all this time helping other people make wise investment decisions, he can also do a great job for you... if you trust him. :) I know, easier said than done!!!


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