September 28, 2010

Let's Talk About Hair

Every week Jamee hosts "Let's Talk About You Tuesdays" and this week the topic is hair!  She's also looking for a new style for herself so I'm sure any input she could get would be appreciated.

1. Do you color your hair? Home/Salon? All over color or highlights?

I've colored my hair in the past, but was warned by my grandmother that I'd be going grey soon.  Her advice "Enjoy your natural color while you still can."  My sister, who's 33, already has to dye hers.

2. Fess up – have you ever cut your own bangs? Disaster or success?

Back in my day I was a bang cutting fool!  I got pretty good at it too.  I couldn't go straight across, but when i twisted it into 3 different sections I managed to do pretty well.

3. Do you stick with one particular stylist or whoever is available?

I'm loyal to my stylist.  Although I'm also moody and typically after about a year I start hating the way he/she does my hair and I move on to someone else.  Have you ever noticed your stylist doing the exact same cut over and over even if you ask for something different?

4. What is the craziest thing you have ever done to your hair?

That'd be a toss up between getting a pixie cut and dying it a very awful (and fake looking) shade of strawberry blond.  Since I actually liked the pixie cut, I'd go for my blond moment.
Thankfully all of those shots were predigital photo age and I don't have any pictures to share.
5. What is the biggest goof-up you’ve ever done to your hair (come on ladies – we’ve all done it! ok maybe not as much as I have!)

I had short hair and got a perm.  It was supposed to be a body wave and my hair took it much too well.  I have since burned all the pictures.

6. Do you tend to stick with the same style or change it every time you get it cut?

I like changing it up.  I've been on color hiatus I've gotten sort of lazy, but I typically go with something new every 6 months or so.

7. How often to you get your hair cut?

Back in my short hair days I was faithful every 6 weeks.  Now I do it whenever I remember.


  1. I rocked a pixie cut too! And also made the horrible choice to try to bleach it blonde & didn't leave it on long enough. HUGE mistake. I looked like a copper-top battery. Definitely FAIL!

  2. Good for you for changing it up! I don't adjust to change very well, so I have to depend on my stylist to let me know when it's been too long! :)

  3. I am actually going tonight to get my trimmed and colored. I usually go every 4-6 wks.

  4. I love this post cause I'm seeing my stylist (the one and only, lol) tomorrow for lowlights. I'm trying to grow it out, but I like change, so that's why we go different colors. =)

  5. I tend to stay with the same style, so I'm impressed that you change it up. Too bad you burned those pictures - this would be a great time to share them!


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