September 21, 2010

True Confessions - Back from Vacation

True Confessions

My first confession?

I'm wearing white after Labor Day.

*Pauses for the collective gasp.*

Here's the thing - is September, its still 90 degrees out, and I wanna wear this sundress.  And the white short sleeved blazer is the only thing that makes it work appropriate.

Also, I'm not going to do a vacation synopsis post.

Jay's got most of the pictures posted on facebook and I didn't do much of anything besides this:

When we did venture away from the beach we had fun.  Be it thrift store shopping (because Jay didn't pack enough t-shirts) or playing with our food...

If you're not my friend on facebook and wanna be, just email me and I'll let you know how to find me.

I'm nervous about my triathlon but not worried...
I was super worried after reading a book on vacation that mentioned walking your bike is illegal and grounds for disqualification.  Christie O. assured me that she'd seen it plenty of times.  She then consulted the USA Triathlon rules which served as more reassurance.  If I'm walking my bike I have to get out of the way for those riding, but I can walk it if necessary.

Planning my marathon training gave me a high, although I am a bit intimidated by the number of workouts in the week.

Excluding the long run mileage, its nothing I haven't done before.  I just haven't gotten back at it full throttle and I'm a little nervous about it.

I got more mud out of my ear this morning.

Too bad Jay hasn't sent me the pictures to share.  After the mud run last Saturday it took 6 Q-tips (both ends) to get the mud out.  When I cleaned my ears out this morning I found more that had apparently been hiding. 

I get home Internet this morning!!

Jay is meeting them to install sometime before lunch.  We had been relying on his Verizon Internet card for service, but after 2 months of outrageous overages ($150 last month, $300 this month) we I called to get home serviced hooked up.

I could do a whole blog post about this one.  But I won't, cause I'd be whining and you don't wanna hear it.  I'll just say that if we can afford $300 Internet overages I can afford to put the a/c down to 78 when I'm cooking and hot.

I hope to eventually get a net book, but for the time being I'll probably use Jay's old laptop.  It works okay except he's a diva the power cord has to stay plugged in all the time.  Totally a reason to buy a brand new $700 replacement right.

Okay I'm going to end this post before I get bitchy and run off everyone with tales of how my husband has woken me up with stoopid talk radio MP3s at 4:30 AM two consecutive mornings and my patience is wearing thin due to exhaustion.

So - what do you have to confess this week??


  1. Sounds like a good vacation!
    You go ahead and wear white. I think it's fine when it's that hot out!

  2. Wear the white! That's an out-dated, old lady rule anyhow! So says my In Style magazine :)

    Looks like a relaxing vacation...exactly what I did on mine. Then I whined for a week after I got back home that I wasn't still on the beach. Sad!

  3. Sounds like my kind of vacation. I'm not surprised about the mud. You guys were coated in it!

  4. I've heard that the white after Labor Day thing is old school. I'm going to keep on wearing my little white shrug, so we can just break the fashion rule together! I'm glad you had a nice vacation, but I want to see pics!! Why aren't we fb friends already? Yay for home internet!! Girl, my laptop sounds like Jay's ~ has to stay plugged in.

  5. Well my laptop has become a desk top because not only does it have to stay plugged in but I have to use a REAL monitor because the backlight went out on the laptop and it will cost around $400 to fix it! Anyway....glad your vacation was so AWESOME! You totally deserved it!!

  6. Sounds like a perfect vacation. Wear white any old time you want. I don't think the old rules apply any more.

  7. What a fantastic vacation! :-) Glad it went great.

    I thought it was white shoes that were the post-Labor Day no-no. And of course, I wouldn't even know about that if my East Coast grandma hadn't mentioned it to us. I don't think anyone out here followed that one, perhaps because of the weather.

    And you're going to so rock that triathlon! Just be sure to stay hydrated (not just water - look for something with electrolytes, too). Have something to eat right afterward that has some carb and some protein (at least 15 grams and 7 grams - for example, 1/4-1/2 bagel or 1/2 a banana with a big ol' smear of peanut butter). had an article about during/post workout fueling that was pretty good ( I also reviewed my "Diabetic Athletes Handbook" by Dr. Sheri Colberg. One thing she mentioned in the triathlon section was that you need to watch for later-onset lows that sneak up on you. Try a bedtime snack (same protein/carb as your post-workout snack) to prevent overnight lows.

    Don't know if you'll experience this, but both Christie O and I have to some degree: raging headaches later on. (I had that in all but my last event. I think I hydrated better right after that one.) You'll also want to block out a chunk of time for a good nap.

    Don't forget sunscreen!

  8. so fun. your hair looked cute in that one pic!!!


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