May 25, 2011

Roller Coaster Check-in

Everyone needs a good Bridget Jones quote in their lives.

I choose Vodka. And Chaka Khan.

Oops, that's not right.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.

First there was the amazing 5K PR this weekend. 
My after glow was short lived, however, when I took my measurements (weight included) for the Body for Life fitness regimen I'm starting.
The good news about my body measurements?  While I weigh my heaviest weight EVER - I have a 27 inch waist.  While Scarlet O'Hara would disapprove, I think most of us would say that's not too shabby at all. 
The bad news?  My legs are 24 1/2.  EACH.
Which makes for ________  proportions.  (You'll have to fill in the blank yourself.  Thea took away all my insulting words yesterday.)
Moving right along - its time to check in on the "May My Way" goals I set for this month.

May Your Way Challenge
  1. Tracking my exercises in an excel spreadsheet. Marking the completed workouts in purple, the incomplete workouts in tan, abandoned workouts in red. The goal is to complete 85% of all scheduled workouts. That sounds really low, but its only getting to fudge on 5 workouts. I'm going to count incomplete workouts as half a workout.

    I completed 100% of all my workouts this week and I'm at 90% for the month! 

    This goal marked - achieved!
  2. Tracking my food in an excel spreadsheet as well as a printed publisher file. I'm going to plan out my menu for the week, then track how often I follow through. This means no guilt for the Friday fast food with mom. No guilt for going out for BBQ with my love. Shooting for 85% on this one too.

    I was 93% for the week on this one and am currently at 83% for the month.  Gonna have to do great this week to pull that percentage up for the final check in!

    This goal marked - achieved!
  3. A new 5K PR.

    I blew the old PR of 31:35 out of the water on Saturday finishing in 29:20.

    This goal marked - achieved!
So, that's my week for better or worse.  How did yours go?


    1. You have GOT to stop focusing on the things you think aren't perfect!!! You did AWESOME on the race, you're healthy, you're focused, you have a plan.... Enjoy your victories, plan on more, and don't beat yourself up for things you can't do anything about ~ like your body shape! You're doing a great job of taking care of it, and that's what matters. You're BEAUTIFUL, inside and out.

    2. I can't say anything else than what is above except that I love ya. You aren't perfect but you inspire me and so many. Keep doing what you are doing because you are accomplishing great things!

    3. tiny, tiny waist!!! as much as we all want to change things about ourselves, having a thin waist is always better than not :)

      once again...way to go on that PR!!!

    4. I read your blog because you inspire me to do through my hard times and celebrate the good times. We all have "issues" but you are brave enough to put them out there for everyone to see. Good job!

    5. You did so great this week!! Yay, Brooke!!

    6. Great job on meeting your goals for the week and on the PR! That's awesome.

      Hope the rest of this week and your weekend are wonderful.

    7. Love your tiny waist!! And those legs are powerful and strong...worthy of their number!!

    8. one step, one goal at a time. loosing weight sucks--but keep at it!!!

    9. You amaze me with the drive that you have...I hope you know what an inspiration you are!!!


    what up yo?