May 03, 2011

Finding Prince Charming

With all the talk of the Royal Wedding last week, I was reminded of my own wedding.  Like Wills & Kate - my husband and I were photographed by strangers upon leaving the church.

Unlike Wills & Kate - the people taking our picture had no clue who we were.  They were just driving around the Cades Cove Loop and caught a glimpse of a gorgeous couple leaving the old timey church.

We didn't have millions of dollars at our disposal for decorations, but my Father (the King of Kings) made sure the leaves surrounding the church were at their peak - despite it being a couple weeks past their typical prime.

There was much drama and anticipation leading up to the wedding as well.  Blinding flash bulbs created a traffic jam making me late to the church.  Of course they weren't taking pictures of me at that point, but rather the bear and cubs along the side of the road.

Causing my father (the earthly one this time) to scream out the window "If you wanna see a bear go to the damn zoo!"  Shortly before my mother made him slow down so that we, too, could get a picture of the bears.

My dress wasn't anything special.  No figurines (that I know of at least) have been made of me in the dress.  It was even on sale - an old sample altered to fit my body.  The fact that it cost less than a lot of prom dresses, looked great on my figure, and fit the look of the church made it perfectly special to me.

I had no official ladies in waiting to attend to me and carry my train (after all it wasn't all that long), but some incredible women step up when we realized we'd forgotten the pesky little "who's gonna cut the cake" detail. 

I also had 3 incredible women by my side through it all.  Heck I even had a Princess in my bridal party!

Sometimes life is hard. The real world reaches up and smacks us in the face.  Or throws us a curve ball.

Its nice knowing that at the end of the day, I get to go home to a great guy.  He may not always understand my quirks, but he loves me.  His quirks may frustrate the dickens out of me, but I can gaze into his eyes and see his love for me.

Also?  Its nice knowing that we've got a great support system standing behind us.  With divorce so common these days, we found ourselves being the only couple we knew who had both sets of parents still happily married.

One day soon - I have to tell yall the story of the father/daughter dance.  Along with the one about the grass from the grassy knoll.  Let's just say I'm not winning any "daughter of the century" awards. 

What was the most memorable (and fun) part of your wedding??


  1. We had a couple of funny moments at our wedding. My maid of honor's boyfriend saw the candles I had bought wouldn't work and went and bought pillar candles for the unity candle. We put it out instead of lighting it. Best man w/matches to the rescue. Also, as the wedding party was leaving, we discovered that my brother in-law got sick during ceremony. We have pictures with Eric MIA. It was a beautiful day...almost 8yrs ago!

  2. I loved this post, Brooke - you looked amazing!

    My wedding was so long ago, I hardly remember it :P One of the best parts, though, was the very end. Only our closest friends and some family were left and we were all in a circle on the dancefloor singing "Piano Man" at the top of our lungs - a tradition that goes back to many a college party. It was awesome.

  3. I loved reading about your wedding. You both look great!
    Our wedding with off without a hitch, but when we returned from the honeymoon, I found out that our cake had a minor mishap and had almost fallen. One piece did fall causing our cake lady to have to fix a section up. She did good though - we never noticed a thing!

  4. this is so sweet!! my husband sang during our ceremony - definitely the most memorable moment for me :)

  5. I love the pics of your wedding - you looked amazing! The dress was it was made just for you. I can't remember anything funny but that was b/c I was probably still in a fog. We had an early 10am wedding.

  6. love that black and white pic!! it is so cute.

  7. Love your wedding pics!!! wedding day was a blur, but when I was dancing with my man, time slowed down. Lol not meaning to be cheesy, it seriously felt like the longest song ever! I wasn't complaining though ;)

  8. You were such a gorgeous bride...I absolutely LOVE the pic of you standing in front of the church! The angle of the pic is very striking! The pic of you and Jay (the b&w one) is can just see the love you have for one another!

    And I love the pics of both sets of parents. The fact that they're still married says a lot...maybe someday, you'll share their secret to success and happiness!!!

  9. Great wedding pictures and the dress was BEAUTIFUL (just like you)! What a great place to get married!

    We got married outside on a boardwalk (on a river) and we were both so afraid we were gonna drop the rings and they would be at the bottom of the River!

  10. love pics and stories from your wedding :)

  11. Beautiful pictures! I think the most memorable part of our wedding was when we sang to each other! <3

  12. These are gorgeous pictures! Love this post. Funny how our spouses quirks can irritate the crap out of us (speaking for me here too) but at the end of the day we don't really want it any other way. :)

    Most memorable part of my wedding? My brother-in-law passed out. Yep. He did.

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