May 20, 2011

Financial Friday - The "Do I Have To" Edition

This isn't pretty.  Supposedly posting weekly was supposed to make me better about this money stuff.  Yall were supposed to be holding me accountable (great job with that by the way -_-) and I was going to get my stuff together.

All of that was an epic fail this month.  We haven't even done an official budget this month.  My "budgeted" numbers are just guesses, based on what we've done in the past.

One thing I'm considering (although we've been eating dinner in front of the TV so I keep forgetting to bring it up), is that clothing shouldn't come out of my personal spending.  As long as I'm working a job outside the home I'm going to perpetually need clothing and that isn't a "luxury".  I promise if I came to work naked I'd be fired.

Most of the time now, Jay makes special concessions for "shopping trips" and spots me money or whatever.  I think it would be a more reasonable (and trackable) idea to set a certain amount for the year and when its gone I have to stop shopping.  We'll see what he thinks about that idea.

On to the ugly numbers:

Eating Out - $150 budget/$103.79 actual

As I said this wasn't agreed upon, and is higher than we normally budget.  This is an odd month though.  We took his mother out for Mother's day.  We'll be going out for my Dad's birthday this weekend.  Also we did the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater first thing this month.  So far we have no Memorial Day plans, not sure what that will bring.

Groceries - $200 budget/$211.36 actual

Can't really say what went wrong this month.  I suppose I just stockpiled a bit too much, although Jay would argue that's not possible.  The good news is our cabinets are full - so full in fact that one of them broke because it was holding too much weight!  (We had 96 cans of veggies on it.  Jay has since reinforced it and we've moved the veggies to individual shelves and moved lighter boxed type foods to this big cabinet.)

Brooke's personal spending - $125 budget/$124.51 actual

Obviously I'm going over this month.  I had a race entry fee, a Goodwill shopping spree (I only had to count half against my spending), and lots of lunches out.  I'm thinking for next month of putting $60 cash in an envelope for eating out and when its gone its gone.  The rest of the money can be used for things like race entries, books, or whatever else strikes my fancy.

Jay's personal spending - $85 budget/$69.99 actual

We had several BP gift cards, and Jay was charged with using those up (which is why his spending is so much less than mine).  Unfortunately, that caused him to not use his debit cards the required 12 times this month to get the 3.75% interest rate.  Instead he got a whopping 0.0007% (okay so that's just a guess, but its something equally ridiculous).  Not sure the state of his gift cards, but if he's out he's going over this month too.  He spends $2.51 a day on dip.

So that's my financial report for the week.  How are you doing with money?
Is this series ridiculously boring?  Is there something I can add/change/remove to make it more exciting?

Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. i don't think it's boring :) i think you guys are doing awesome things, and i think i'll see if anthony will mind "joining" you in this accountability thing once we're married. i might start in next month myself once i have a bit steadier income...

  2. I really need to join you in the blogging about finances. I keep track of mine, but I look at it more twice a month than weekly. (Since I get paid every other week.)

    That said, the cash in an envelope idea is a great one. I actually have a coupon holder (by Real Simple - I got it at Target last year) that I use for cash. It's divided by food/social/personal/clothes/etc. And I take out what I can for cash (usually a pretty small amount for everything other than food.) I do keep track of my debit card transactions in a spreadsheet, and once I'm out of cash in a certain category, that's it.

    Was that lengthy enough? :)

  3. not boring!
    i should really blog about our finances as well. i just dont think the hubs would like it

  4. I don't think it's boring! I like to see how other people make their budget work. Plus, it makes me feel less guilty know that other budget-minded people go over in some ares, too! What can I do to help you with accountability? You are such a help & encouragement to me ~ I'd love to help you in return!

  5. I don't think it's boring at all! It's a great idea and if my blog was more established I'd join you :)

  6. not boring! I agree that your clothes should not come from your personal money.

    I splurged a.lot. this month.. I got a pair of $140 boots for $40-first pair in 10+ years, bought a $200 child-carrying-backpack for $50, & spent about $100 in total on scrapbook supplies. normally I don't spend anything on scrap supplies & never buy the boots or the backpack, luckily they will both be one time purchases & the backpack is a tax deduction for work :) the scrap supplies I cannot excuse :D

  7. I *really* need to work on a budget, to be more accountable. It frustrates me to no end that we are most worried about our finances when they are at their worst, but the concern is not there when we have a little bit of extra cash. And we can only blame ourselves. Last Friday I told hubby we had to ditch the Starbucks, it was too expensive. I'm okay with it once in awhile but he has it ALL the time. $5 a visit is crazy. Anyhow, thank you for posting your budget. Hoping it will help me to start something similar.

  8. not boring at all!! and it's a great way for you to keep track.

    hope your weekend was lovely!


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