May 18, 2011

*MY* way or the Highway!

Unfortunately this is not going to be a post about how the baggers at my local grocery store drive me nuts.  While I'd love to bitch gripe complain vent about how they consistently bag my groceries wrong (put the regular items in my insulated reusable bags and put my freezer/fridge items in my regular reusable bags) I fear I would bore you to tears.  Also I might look like a picky bitch.

We can't have that.

So instead I'll show you how my perfectionist tendencies manifest in a good way.  I did great on my goals this past week for the Sisterhood May Your Way challenge.

May Your Way Challenge

  1. Tracking my exercises in an excel spreadsheet. Marking the completed workouts in purple, the incomplete workouts in tan, abandoned workouts in red. The goal is to complete 85% of all scheduled workouts. That sounds really low, but its only getting to fudge on 5 workouts. I'm going to count incomplete workouts as half a workout.

    I completed 4.5 out of 5 workouts for 90% consistency.  I was scheduled for a long run this weekend, but instead I walked on the golf course with my parents and Jay.  More of a mental health thing.  Definitely not the intensity of a 7 mile run, but better than sitting on the couch (hence the partial credit.

    For the month I'm at 86%  just a hair above my 85% goal.

    This goal marked - achieved!
  2. Tracking my food in an excel spreadsheet as well as a printed publisher file. I'm going to plan out my menu for the week, then track how often I follow through. This means no guilt for the Friday fast food with mom. No guilt for going out for BBQ with my love. Shooting for 85% on this one too.

    Not counting weekends (which I don't.  Because I can.*) I followed my meal plan to the letter.  15/15 on this one for 100%! 

    *The main point of this goal is to prevent me from eating out too much for lunch at work, or getting lazy after work for dinner.  I don't want to lose the flexibility to roll with the punches on the weekend.

    This goal marked - achieved!
  3. A new 5K PR. In 10 days I'll run in a race that bills its self as "flat." That rarely happens around here. I'm shooting for another PR. Maybe not sub 30, I don't think I've put in the work for that. But definitely below my current PR of 31:35.

    This race is Saturday morning, so I'll be running the Fit Bloggin 5K with yall in spirit.  I'm really not all that nervous about it (see goal 1 - blowing off a training run), but I did have a dream I did awful.  Like double my usual time.  Getting frustrated and driving my car to the finish line, but by the time I parked, got out, and got back on course that stunt ended up killing my time.  So maybe that dream means I'm more nervous than I realize.

    Then again that's also the night I dreamed I had a deflated belly.  Much like Kate Goslin's must have looked after she had her sextuplets. 
All in all a good week.  No weight loss to report, I haven't been on a scale in 18 days.  My pants don't feel more lose, but I do feel good about where I am. Also I only had 3 cokes last week (counting Wed-Tues as a week.)  I think the less of a deal I make about that, the easier it is to fore go them.  It also helps when I have other options.  Wine, beer, lemonade - anything to give me a break from the same boring water I drink all day.

How did yall do this week?


  1. I actually really love that you use a spreadsheet to mark everything! I'm ridiculously organized, and if I cared more about healthy eating habits (instead of heading for ice cream all the time), I'd so be doing that, too!

    Congrats on achieving your goals!! =) And don't be nervous about the race. You're going to do awesome!

  2. nice work!!

    for the record, anytime you want to vent about grocery baggers, i'll listen. i'm right there with you :)

  3. You are doing GREAT Brooke! I love how you are cutting yourself slack on the weekends and letting yourself just relax! I'm sure you will do great on the 5k this weekend.

  4. Too funny - I am the same way with grocery bagging. I cringe every time the cashier throws stuff in the bag like bananas on top of chips. I think it's when my mom would bring me shopping to one of those bag your own places. I loved it or maybe b/c I'm a control freak ;)

  5. You crack me up with the spreadsheets! That's serious organization and goal-attacking! My husband is an excel-junkie so I can appreciate it.

    And omg...don't get me started on the grocery-baggers.

  6. You nailed those goals & cracked me up about your incompetent grocery baggers.

    The deflated tummy thing - sadly, that is totally a reality for many of us (ie-me).

  7. Oh yah - kick that 5k's ass!

  8. Great week Brooke! So proud of you and so glad you are taking a little "scale break"... It can get so overwhelming sometimes. Great job on your 5K time - I have no doubt that you will see your sub 30 minute time soon! Keep up the great work!

  9. I love your progress report. I think that you're right about needing to walk away from the scale more to really gauge how you feel instead of what the numbers say. I think I many need to adopt this style for awhile.

  10. Dude, you did awesome on your goals this week! Great job!!

  11. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! You're doing awesome! Has it helped to take the pressure off of yourself by not expecting 100%? I'm so proud of how well you're doing!

  12. Congrats on a great week and accomplishing all those goals! VERY inspiring! Keep it up!

  13. I am very picky about my groceries too, I won't even let anyone put them in my cart or on the belt because I have a system.

    You had a wonderful week and I love that you have a spreed sheet. Excel makes my head hurt I wouldn't even know how to do that.

  14. way to go! lots of green achieved all over the place!


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