May 10, 2011

Own It!

I've had a post floating in my head for several weeks, but just when I think I've got that final piece life blows up in my face.  Maybe this time, even if I don't get to hit "publish" I'll get enough of it down that I'll be that much closer next time.  And almost there the next time.

I don't like bloggers who seem to have it all together. 

Its not real. 

You may be a better couponer than me.

You may be a faster runner than me.

You may be a better cook than me.

In fact, you probably are.  But that doesn't make you better than me.  We all have our struggles.  Some of us are just too more open about our problems in life.  All of that to say, sometimes I figure things out and want to share them with you.  Only I'm afraid of how it would be received.

If you know me, know my heart, then you know I'm not the girl in love with myself.  I'm not the Barbie who poses that same perfect pose for every picture ever taken.  I'm the girl who wears sweats and flip flops when traveling or shopping because I like to be comfortable.

At the last Repeat Boutique sale, I noticed that some women were in full make up, wearing nice tops, jeans, and heeled boots. 

I didn't have a drop of makeup on, and was rocking a fleece and my sketcher mule sneakers.
(This is a very well thought out look.  Wearing makeup increases the chances of staining clothing as I try on the millions dozens of different items that will be pulled over my head that morning.  The mule sneakers are for comfort as well as dressing room convenience.)

While standing in line behind these ladies, I felt a twinge of insecurity.  Why couldn't I put together outfits like that?  Why couldn't I be that confident?

The obvious answer is I could be.  I'm lazy.  Quite possibly the laziest marathon runner in the world.  Grabbing a fleece out of the Tupperware bin doesn't take as much time as putting together a cute outfit. 

Now I will say that I stand by my Repeat outfits.  I've thought through them logically, but what about the every day.  Why do I wear the outfits I choose to wear?

I use to have a standard "fat day" outfit - a pair of so-soft-and-comfy-they-felt-like-PJs dress pants paired with a one-size-too-big polo with the company logo. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.  I was having a fat day (as has been happening all too often these days), but due to laundry and weight gain issues my pants selection isn't what it use to be.  That morning I opted for a skirt.  Not exactly fat clothes, but A-line skirts fit me great no matter what my size. 

On my way over to the bowling center to pick up my lunch, I caught a dude checking me out.

I'm at my heaviest weight ever.  My burger and fries weight.  And some random guy was starring at me.

Am I the hottest woman on the planet?  Nope.  Skinniest?  Not even close.

That day I was just a woman who (quickly) put together an outfit that worked well with her body.  I've got runner's calves.  The look great in heels. 

"Own it." A friend said.

Know what you've got going for you and work it.

For me that's A-line skirts and dresses to highlight my XS small top and draw attention away from my trouble spot (thigh area.)

Also?  I can rock a pair of yoga pants like no body's business.  My legs aren't incredibly huge, just not as firm as I'd like.  Yoga pants do great things for my booty and flatter my legs.

This post started out of anger at the women who say that men lose interest/stray/cheat because their wives "let themselves go."  Being slow to speak blog is a good thing.  Anger isn't productive.  I just hurt for women who think so little of themselves they think they can't keep their man's attention.

I'm here to tell you that men find the female body attractive.  Period.  You have something going for you.  Right now I don't have the flat abs I did 15 pounds ago, but now I have a pretty smokin rack. 

(Did I just blog that?)

Treat yourself well.  Dress yourself well.  (You don't have to spend a ton of money to do it.)  Find those couple of great things about you and highlight them.



  1. I like this post. Because I can rival you for the laziest marathon runner. I do not put myself together but once or twice a year. It's work, and I like to do as little of that as possible.

    You do have great assets,Brooke. Glad you are owning them.

  2. Great post - and good for all of us to hear!

  3. WOO HOO! You rock, Brooke! I'm motivated just from reading this! =D

    BTW...I may can run faster than you in the short distance, but you ran a freaking marathon. You win, hands down, in my book. :)

  4. Well said!! After 14 yrs of marriage, my husband still says I'm hot and that's all that matters to me.

  5. Love this post!! You look great in everything I've seen you wear and I'm sure you rock that sweatshirt look at the resale store too! Personally I think it's kind of weird to get all decked out to shop at at a resale shop, but that's just me!

  6. Way to go! I love that you're accentuating the positive parts of your body! I'm like you, and I dress strategically when I'm going clothes shopping! I think I may have figured out how to dress for my body, but I'm still working on owning it!

  7. Pretty sure lazy marathon runner is an oxymoron, chick!

    Seriously though...lovin' this post...and it sounds like something straight from my thoughts.

    Way to rock that awesome rack! lols :)

  8. I couldn't agree with you more! We all need to own it and be proud of what we are. And I'm with you...heels and makeup at a resale shop is just crazy! Give me sweats and flip flops any day of the week!

  9. I am totally not better at anything, except maybe geography questions at trivia. I had to come up with a list of above and below average stuff for my blog today. Hard!

    As for make up, I am totally lazy. I only wear make up now for special stuff. I should wear it more often but I am such a rush most morning.

  10. love the first part of this post.
    you may be better than me---

    love it!!! sounds just like something I would say

  11. Glad to see you are seeing what we all see-a smoking hawt chick

  12. wonderfully said...and the last line was my favorite!

  13. Great post, Brooke!!! About time you OWN THE BEAUTIFUL SOUL YOU ARE. :)

  14. I teared up reading this, because I look at everyone around me and ask myself all the time why can't I look, dress...etc like that. I compare myself to my friends all the time. Most have so much style and grace that I covet. Your post made me realize I am me & I should own it! And I looked at my rack and you know what their pretty hawt too! XOXO

  15. GO You for getting checked out & ADMITTING IT!! :)

    YAY for pointing out your assets & encouraging us to find ours!

    THANKS AGAIN for an awesome conversation today! :)


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