July 23, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Working out Part 1

I'm not a fan of excercise or sweating like crazy. And to be honest, it takes a while for me to see the results. I need some sort of encouragement to keep myself going.

While I love sports drinks, most of them have enough calories to completely negate the work out. If I'm going to waste my time/energy to burn calories, I don't want to turn around and immediately drink them. My alternative to that is G2 Gatorade. It has only 25 calories per 8 oz serving. But I don't stop there. In an effort to consume even fewer calories, and to save money, I mix the G2 with water. Let's face it G2 just tastes like watered down Gatorade any way, so why not water it down even more. I typically mix about 2 oz of G2 with about 10-14 oz water (depending on the size of my container). It gives my water a kick, but I don't waste the money or the calories on a full size bottle. I stocked up last time Kroger had the big "buy 10 get 5 off" sale, so I got 10-32 oz bottles for $0.50 each. This was several months ago and I still have 6 full bottles left.

To be honest its quite like the "water with lemon" trick at restaurants. You are consuming something that's good for you, only you give it a hint of another flavor to fool yourself into liking it.

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  1. I LOVE water with lemon!! That's what I get at every single restaurant! :-)

  2. I do this with crystal light powder in my water bottle. Only I don't typically use the whole packet of powder because I find it too strong. I haven't tried the G2 stuff, though!

  3. I am a big water drinker, that is all I normally drink. I will have to try the G2.

  4. My kids love the G2, I'll have to see if I can talk them into this. Usually it's just a treat on trips, but this way I might be able to talk them into more water. THANKS!


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