September 18, 2008

Frugal Friday - Green Wedding Ideas

Only 6 more weeks till my wedding!! :)

What's better than a frugal idea? A green frugal idea! (That way you can have something to blame your cheapness on when someone mocks you.) Mr. Right and I decided to go the route when it came to invitations.

I was reading the etiquette I found that the reason for the double envelopes, was that back in the day the mail system wasn't as reliable and sometimes the invitations would arrive damaged. The extra envelope was just to protect the invitation. Since the mail system is more reliable, the only purpose they serve now is to cost you more money and fill the landfills.

After a (very brief) discussion on this topic, Mr. Right and I had no problems eliminating this extra cost. Although I will admit I have received an invitation in the single envelope and thinking "how cheap" as I threw everything in the garbage. Funny how perspectives can so quickly change.

Another idea we borrowed was the idea of sending a RSVP postcard, rather than card and envelope. We got our cards printed on each side for only $5 extra dollars - one side had the RSVP information and the other had my mother's name and address already printed on there. All I had to do was add the postcard stamp and the RSVP cards were done!

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