September 30, 2008


This month with Walgreens I haven't been quite as on top of things as I should have been - and I'm loosing about $10 because of it.

The first was choosing the wrong acid controller tablets. I got the 30 pack instead of the 25 pack. $6.99 + tax down the drain. I had a $10 off of $40 purchase coupon, so it wasn't lost money, just money I didn't earn.

My other error cost minimal out of pocket but will cost $4.99 in rebates. I used my $2 register reward coupon and my $3 off pert plus coupon, so I had less than a dollar in out of pocket expenses. But now I can't find my receipt to add it to my September claim.

Lesson learned: be VERY careful when shopping and ALWAYS know where your receipts are.


  1. Yikes. Sorry about that. You're still way more organized than I am!

  2. Yikes!

    I once ran across the parking lot of Walgreens and almost got hit trying to chase down a reciept that blew out of the bag. If I lost it, I probably would have cried because it was one of the times I bought only FAR stuff! It was pretty valuable!!

  3. Can you take the acid controller back? I know its too late to buy the right one, but at least you wouldn't be paying for the wrong stuff.


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