September 18, 2008

its official...

my first conflict with my future mother-in-law. apparently the next-door neighbor came crying to her about not being invited to the wedding, just the reception. so they want to invite her. i say that if we invite her than it opens it up and we have to invite more friends (how offensive to say that someone is invited because they are a "close friend" implying that your friendship is secondary.)

i made mr. right mediate last night, and of course he agrees with his mother. i'm not sure what to do. give in and be done with the stress (for now) or stand firm. they are coming in next week so i suppose we'll discuss it more then.


  1. ICK! Not a fun decision at all! I'll be praying for ya!

  2. stupid bitch needs to get over it who cares if she is crying, does she want me to mail her a tissue?

    love you

  3. I totally sympathize. Dealing with mother-in-laws (or step-mother-in-laws, as is with my situation) ca be...more than trying, to say the least. =) You have to do what's right for you and your family (which I'll count Mr. Right in because it's close enough at this point). That's your main focus. Good luck!!


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