September 08, 2008

Wedding Shower Weekend

Yesterday was my first bridal shower - the big one too. Both sides of my family were invited as well as family friends. Last Monday night one of my cousins (I have around 25 1st cousins) called to say that everything was gone off my registry and I needed to come down and add more items. Unfortunately the company is in the process of a web site/registry over hall, so I just had to write down the items on a piece of paper. I got excited when I realized that people were actually out shopping for me!

I received quite the stash:

Amazing, since I three more showers to go: one for my friends, one for Mr. Right's family, and one for his family friends (they are in a different state from his family which is why we are having two).

I am certainly one blessed lady!


  1. WOW that is quite a haul!

    You better get started on those thank-you cards now! :)


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