September 04, 2008

Straight Sexy Hair

Sorry to be MIA for a few days but real life has gotten a hold of me. Monday was of course a holiday and due to my limited computer access I couldn't post about the exciting world of washing down baseboards and masking off rooms to be painted. Tuesday I had to take the day off to meet with the locksmith to change the locks and let the appliance delivery guys in. Oh, and I had to run into Belk and add more items to my registry.

Short side story: I hadn't put much on my registry because I was afraid of looking too greedy. Monday night my cousin called me saying I only had 4 items left and they weren't available at that store. Thankfully I got their the next day to add more items because the first Tuesday of the month is Senior day - they get a 10-15% discount so a lot of my family was waiting till then to go shopping.

Yesterday I was busying playing catch up at work - thankfully to be seated behind my desk all day rather than working my buns off at the house. So that brings us to today, Things I love Thursday.

One thing I love (although I haven't used recently) is Straight Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal My mom bought it as a surprise treat for me last time she was at the salon. You spray it on your hair right before you take the straightener to it. It gives my hair that polished look when I straighten it. Unfortunately for me, I've been sporting a t-shirt, shorts, and a ponytail for the past few days. But this product will be perfect for this Sunday. I'm having my first bridal shower after church so I won't be able to go home and redo my hair. This way my hair will stay straight and unfrizzy all day.

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  1. Love new hair products. And my hair has been looking anything but sexy lately. Going to try and find this :)

  2. I'm glad you found a product you enjoy! I still have chemo hair, unbelievable curly!! I wonder if it would help.


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