September 24, 2008

Living like no one else...

My father diagnosed me this morning with having financial anorexia. Being too stingy with what i spend money on and not every using it for fun.

All because Mr. Right and I have decided to not get cable immediately in the new house. We figured we would see how well we faired without it before we made the call to have it installed. He and I both have very little faith that this is actually going to work. We would have never decided to get it disconnected, that's a little too drastic.

Keep in mind, I'm spending about $2K of my own money on this wedding (above and beyond what my parents are giving me). I eat lunch out at least twice a week (sometimes every day). And I have a closet full of clothes, shoes, and purses. Whenever the girls want to have a Girls Night Out, I'm at the restaurant right their with them.

In my mind, I do a very poor job of Living like no one else, so tomorrow I can live like no one else. Apparently, in my father's mind, I do too good of a job at it.

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  1. My best friend just got cable after moving into her house with her hubby for a year...She said it was a long year. And she bought a lot of DVDs. Lol!


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