September 09, 2008


I got in trouble last night with Mr. Right. I started Sunday night (I guess all the excitement of the shower got me pumped up) on my thank you cards. I did more on my break at work yesterday. Last night when I mentioned them, Mr. Right was very disappointed because he hadn't gotten to sign his name on the ones I had already sent out.

I've always given my mother a hard time about writing birthday cards "I thank God for a special daughter." or "I love you" and then signed "Mama and Daddy". I tease her that she should write "we" or else let him sign it himself.

I knew it was bound to happen - but I've turned into my mother already! In my thank you notes I wrote "Mr. Right and I" and then signed both of our names at the bottom.

I had gotten about 12-15 knocked out before last night, so there was no going back on those cards. Instead last night we just started an assembly line with the next wave of them.


  1. Isn't it weird the things that bother guys?

    My hubby didn't care in the least about thank you cards (not that he wasn't grateful; he was just too busy to sit down and write out long notes!). I offered to let him sign his own name but he told me to do all the signing. I didn't mind. I figure most people don't expect the men to do the thank-yous anyway.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Congratulations on getting married, sounds like you are in the thick of showers, last minute details, and thank you notes - must be getting close. Good luck!

  3. That is sweet of him to think of that! But I wanted to tell you that from a strict etiquette point of view, you're in the clear. It is traditional and expected that a wife can sign for her family. And for a bride-elect (which is what you are--congrats!), she can sign just her own name if she likes, or can add her fiance's.

    When these etiquette books were written, it was assumed that the bride and groom weren't living together and therefore wouldn't really be expected to sign the same note. So it's fine to leave him off altogether, not that you would want to. Okay, I'll stop--I love this stuff.


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