January 29, 2009

Cabinet Hardward

Last week, I blogged about how much I love my walk-in closet. This week, we're moving on to the kitchen.

When Mr. Right and I first moved into our new home, there was no hardware on any of the cabinets in the house.

Since it wasn't a necessity (like say...replacing the refrigerator that the former occupants took with them when they left) we decided to put it on our long range project list.

Last Monday, Mr. Right discovered a web site that sold discount hardware http://knobsandpulls.com/ They had them at a great price, but we were at odds on what color to purchase.

I wanted nickel to match the stainless appliances, but he insisted that an oil-rubbed bronze would look better with the color of the cabinets. After playing around a little on their site (and no, they're not paying me anything for this - I wish they were!) we found some nice pulls in black.

In case the picture isn't clear - neither of us got our wish. Ah the joy of compromise - thinking outside the box to find something you can both agree on. I think the black looks great (still matches the appliances) and he loves the way it looks with the cabinet color.

The best part? We did the entire kitchen for around $40 including shipping.

Installation was a breeze. We received them in the mail late last week, and by the time I got home he already had them installed.

While we're in the kitchen, let me tell you about something else I love. Check out this great recipe I tried last night. I don't follow instructions well, so I only had 8 oz cream cheese, and penne pasta instead of bow-tie. But it was great! :) Thanks Shannon!

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  1. Awesome tip. Thanks. And I love the knobs. The kitchen looks great.

  2. I'm going to check out that site. Such an inexpensive fix and it adds that something something to your kitchen. Love the pop of red too.

  3. Love the kitchen! I'll have to check out that website, if we ever get the drywall done so we can install our kit cupboards!

  4. Your kitchen looks great! I am currently renovating our new home (we have not moved yet though) but this look is awesome..

  5. Looks great...I like the black! I'll have to write down that site...40 bucks...amazing!

  6. Your kitchen looks amazing. I like the black, too. What a deal...only $40? I bet it feels good to have that done and off the list.

  7. Looks great! I love the red in the kitchen. Don't feel bad, we've been in our house 7 years and I still don't have hardware for my kitchen cabinets.

  8. I love them! $40 sounds like a steal : ). Great job!

  9. I love your kitchen!! In our last house, I painted the kitchen red and loved it, but that color doesn't work in this house. Which makes me sad :(

  10. I love, love, love your kitchen. I think you two made the absolute right decision going with black. I love the angles and color of your kitchen. Amazing job!

    I am so glad you loved the recipe. The good thing about that recipe, it can be changed anyway you like. Nothing has to be set in stone.

    Thanks for the link to the hardware place. I am definitely checking that out.

    Good luck at the yard sale! I hope you sell everything! Maybe a bidding war will break out in your booth!

  11. Love the splash of color, red really makes it pop.


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