January 26, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week I'm going to try a couple of different recipes I've snagged from my bloggity buddies.

Monday: Pizza roll up thingy

I forgot the recipe (with the link to the person I got this from) at home.

Basically just take pizza crust, coat in pizza sauce, add cheese and toppings then roll up and bake. when done, slice.

gonna try it to keep pizza, popcorn, & a movie night from getting boring.

Tuesday: Bacon Bow tie Pasta

Although I'm not sure if I'm going to use real bacon or not. I asked my hubby to fry me a few pieces last night for use later in the week - and he loves bacon too much to "waste" it crumbling it up. "That's what bacon bits are for."

Wednesday: Fet. Alfredo

Had it on the menu for last week, and something else came up instead. Only I can't remember what. I'm sure it was delish though! :P

Thursday: Sloppy Joe Hot Dish

I got it from the Kraft food magazine, but apparently they don't have it posted on their web site. Basically its everything sloppy joe, only you bake it like a casserole with crescent rolls (or crescent creations). This works well in my house, since we rarely have light bread or hamburger buns.

Friday: Fast Food/Canned soup

I'm participating in a yard sale this weekend, and am going to try to set up Friday night. Depending on how long it takes me we'll either come home and have some canned soup or else grab Taco Bell on the way home.

For more great menu ideas head on over to Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday


  1. All of those meals sound yummy! You could always try slicing the bacon into about inch-long pieces for the pasta--maybe that would make your husband less skeptical?

  2. Brent won't let me use bacon for anything but breakfast. He LOVES bacon bits though, I think they are icky!
    - Katie

  3. I may have to copy your sloppy joe recipe. I love how you make a menu for the week. We make one also but something always happens.

  4. your menu sounds yummo good! Thanks for visitng my blog.
    We grill year round and in Central NY here we get some funny looks! but seriously - you are only out there flipping the food - less time than it takes to walk to the mailbox!

  5. Thank for visiting my blog! My brother went to OU as well. So you live in Ohio?

  6. You are gonna love the Bacon Bow Tie Pasta!


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