January 14, 2009

"Enjoy it while it lasts..."

I heard that phrase a lot when Mr. Right and I first started dating. Every "monthiversary" he would send flowers to work - each time a different type flower.

Sure, he doesn't do flowers once a month anymore, but since its coming out of our budget I wouldn't want him to! Two weeks ago he actually surprised me with a bouquet after church. "What'd he do?" was the common question when I took them to work.

The thing is, I genuinely have a nice guy. He loves me, and loves doing things that make me happy. As I mentioned earlier in the week, he wouldn't let me do dishes Monday night at all.

Last night, he called while I was in the grocery store and offered to meet me and help me out. I of course messed that up by not giving him my full attention. I was focused on the $0.50 diced tomatoes and ended up telling him I was at Food City instead of Kroger. So by the time he finally go to Kroger I was checking out.

He carried the groceries in and started to pull them away, but because he loves me, he left that job for me. No, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm very OCD when it comes to the arrangement of my canned goods and he knew that if he tried to put them away he would upset me.

So while I arranged the beans and tomatoes (each on sale for $0.20 less than their original price, so I stocked up), he cleaned up the rest of the house. He knows that clutter here and there drives me crazy (because of said OCD tendencies) and so instead of leaving the mail on the bar, he sorted it and put it in the basket.

All of these things may seem very small to you, but I've been careful to let him know how much I appreaciate it. He's not a neatfreak like me. He wouldn't care if paperwork piled up around him. And its not that he's too lazy to do it - he honestly doesn't care if I pickup either. Its just very low priority for him.

But I'm high priority. And doing things that make me smile are on the top of his list.

Isn't he great??


  1. Wow, stuff like that escapes my man. he just does not get it. He is a sweetie but romance and being sweet and helpful just seem to escape him. Ohh well.

  2. It is such a good habit to get into: noting and being thankful for acts of kindness!
    Don cleaned the snow off my vehicle and shoveled the entry for me this AM. 7" of snow last night. Yikes!

  3. I totally agree, he is great! I MUST sleep on a clean pillow case every night and Hubby usually puts a new one on for me while I washing my face. It is totally the little things :)

  4. My husband leaves putting away the groceries to me for the same reason. He used to try to "help" and we would just end up getting in each other's way or I would go back and reorganize things he'd already put away (like canned goods). Now he just lets me do it, and I'm pretty grateful.

  5. Sounds like you have a thoughtful Mr. Right; my guy sent me flowers at work last week just because he wanted to.
    I try to remember to say thank you for the little things he does; he doesn't seem to realize that it's the little things he remembers that mean just as much as the big things. Putting my tooth brush next to his at night or charging my cell phone when I'm not looking. Ohh, I should call to tell him I love him now.


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