January 05, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I've got January taken care of already! :) It'll change somewhat, given different sales or activities that keep us from eating at home. Here's my weekly outline:

Monday: Pizza and popcorn
Since discovering free Monday night Redbox codes, this is starting to become a tradition.

Tuesday: Fiesta Chili Mac

I've modified this somewhat. I just use a box of shells & cheese rather than velveeta and noodles. Also, I leave out the chicken. The recipe is so rich with flavor that the chicken gets lost and is an unnecessary expense.

Wednesday: Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff

I stock piled last time I had several $0.50 off purchase of 3 coupons and Kroger had them on sale for $1 each. Since I don't cook HH as much anymore, they are starting to get close to their expiration date. We'll be eating at least one HH meal a week for the month of January.

Thursday: Cheesy chicken & rice

Friday: Dinner out with friends.


  1. Nice menu, have fun eating out with your friends.

  2. Love the free movie and popcorn tradition on Monday night! That's a great idea!

  3. I'm hoping to have chili mac with our leftover chili from tonight!


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