January 12, 2009


This weekend I was convicted by the Holy Spirit 4 different times. In two days. I think I might need to listen up...

My sister sent this link on Friday, but since I can't watch youtube from work I had to wait till Saturday. When I did finally get to see it, I was thankful that I hadn't watched it at work. I cried like a baby. Not sure what I would have done if a customer had walked in right as I started bawling.

The most powerful testimony for me was the woman with MS. To be so selfless and in love with Christ that you would choose suffering in order to lead one more to Christ...

And of course the husband/wife team, who had been praying for 30 years for his salvation. I don't think I'll have to be waiting that long, given some other developments this weekend.

Then Sunday morning in church, the sermon was on prayer. He sited a study where the average Christian surveyed spent only 3 minutes in prayer. Sadly, I'm below that average. How do I expect to be the wife that is the example of Christ, without a daily communication with Him?

Then Sunday evening, we watched a video of the testimony of Don Piper, Author of the book 90 Minutes in Heaven. His testimony, about how his church didn't know he was dead, so they prayed for his healing. And started a prayer chain through out the Houston area.

He also talks of a preacher at the crash site who was told by God that he needed to pray for the victim. He had to argue with the police officer because there was no one injured, the only one hurt was now dead. But God told him to pray for the dead man, so he crawled into the car and started praying...then singing. How startling it must have been with the dead man started singing along!

I don't know about you, but I don't have faith like that. Even though I've seen the power of prayer with my own eyes. I have 5 beautiful friends, each going through their own special stage in life. Yet I don't pray for God's hand in their lives. I have a wonderful husband, on the brink of believing - only I don't fall on my knees and beg God to reveal Himself on a daily basis.

Then last night, Mr. Right was reading a book recommended by the minister who married us, More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell. My husband leaned over to me and said that he was worried about me. In the author's testimony he said that his problems with anger and with sadness were both taken away at his salvation. And Mr. Right was worried because I still deal with both of those issues on a regular basis. I had nothing to say other than God doesn't take away our problems, just helps us along if we're willing to work on them. And apparently I'm not.

So I ask for your prayers, for both myself and my husband.


  1. I love this post because it is SO honest! Conviction not just guilt is a true sign of Christ living in you! I just prayed that you would be encouraged to follow HIM more fully and rely on HIS strength for that. You are on the right track with hearing God's voice and desiring to change! Sounds like you have a wonderful husband who truly cares about you.

  2. Oh, wow, Brooke, that's incredible. I'll be praying for you and your husband. I agree with Jules: the fact that you and Mr. Right are wanting change means you're on the right track. =) Hooray for that!!

  3. You are on the right track and are in-tune with the Holy Spirit, taking his nudges and examining your life. AWESOME!!


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