April 14, 2009

Easter Pics

I'm excited because I found some of the princess with her back turned - that way I can post some egg hunt pictures, without disrespecting my sister's wishes about her daughter's face being posted on the internet.

This is a shot of part of Papaw's farm. When his parents were dividing up their estate way back in the day, land in our area wasn't worth anything. Most of his siblings (there were 9 of them) wanted money. Only Papaw and two of his brothers wanted the land - they loved to work it (Papaw still has cows and of course Inez the donkey. He also plants a garden every year). To papaw, this land was priceless. its easy to see why.

At the foot of the hill is my parents house, the house I grew up in. I lived there from the time I was born until I packed up for college. Growing up, I always wanted to move around a lot. Looking back, I'm glad we never did.

Okay now that we've got the sentimental crap out of the way - on to the egg hunt!

My Mamaw hiding eggs:

My BIL helping the Princess and my cousin with the hunt:

My Mamaw, aunt, cousin, and the princess:

Okay so I promised no more sentimental crap but too bad! See how the princess's hair is crimped? Back in the day my parents didn't have a lot of money. Instead of wasting it on a crimper, my dad would crimp it the old fashioned way. He'd braid our wet hair, we'd sleep on it overnight, and when the braids were taken out the next morning - voila! Crimped hair. My sister does that to my niece's hair now.

The adults looking on - I'm the one on the far right. My mom is on the far left, then my sister and aunt. Seeing this picture, I understand why Mr. Right almost smacking my sister on the rear while we were on vacation was an honest mistake.


  1. "sentimental crap" - love it! Haha. That land is gorgeous...and your pawpaw is so cute! I love pawpaws!

  2. Aww it's gorgeous there!!! I love wide open land.

    I have stick straight hair and up until I chopped it a month or so ago I would still braid mine to give it some body waves! lol.

  3. That is some of the most gorgeous land I have ever seen. It is absolutely beautiful. It looks like you guys had a great Easter. And Mr. Right is going to have to be extra careful. Too funny!!

  4. Love the land! Beautiful! I love Easter egg hunts, they are fun even if I'm the one hidding the eggs.

  5. Wow - look at all that gorgeous land. The egg hunt must have lasted for hours.

  6. what a great farm!

    I always did the braid trick too :0)

  7. I love the sentimental "crap". I'm, glad you had a fun Easter.

  8. I love the princess' hair. We crimped our hair the old fashioned way growing up because crimping irons didn't exist yet!

  9. What beautiful land! You were so blessed to grow up where you did!

  10. It is so fun to see families enjoying each other. :)


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