April 30, 2009

Top 8

eight things I am looking forward to

1. my 5K this weekend
2. seeing my sister, niece, nephew, and bil this weekend
3. starting the new Frank Peretti/Ted Dekker book
4. Mr. Right’s next commission check
5. starting a Roth IRA
6. getting life insurance (which will probably happen next month)
7. snuggling with Mr. Right
8. lunch!

eight things I did yesterday

1. got poked at the health fair
2. had a bone density screening
3. weighed myself
4. worked
5. biking at lunch
6.watched TV
7. blogged
8. read all your wonderful blogs!

eight things I wish I could do

1. a 10 minute mile
2. get down into the 120s
3. love my body
4. be a great wife
5.play the piano
6.be less moody
7. read more
8.grow my blog readership

eight shows I watch on TV

2. Chuck
3. Heroes
4. American Idol
5.Biggest Loser
6. My Name is Earl
7. Family Guy
8. ???

eight people I tag
Anyone who’d like to play along (x8)


  1. Isn't Lost getting good again? I was so not wanting it to end last night.

  2. I like your 8's!!!

    LOST ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I saw Chuck on sale at Target a couple of months ago, so I bought it on impulse to watch while I run on tbe treadmill! haven't started it yet, but glad to see it's on your "list" :)

  4. When you learn to play the piano, can you teach me, too? ;)

    BTW, did you hear if Chuck's coming back for a third season?

  5. 5k weekend, woo hoo!! I can't wait to hear your race report :)
    ~ Katie

  6. Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to you on your 5K!!!

  7. Good lists! I bet if you asked Mr Right he would say you already are a great wife!
    I'm loving Lost - it was so good last night!

  8. I SO want to do a 5K. I am working on it and you are inspiring me! And I love your blog!


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