April 23, 2009


Edited to add - I used 10 lb weights in toning class today!!!!

*I'm really excited about tuning in tonight for Dave Ramsey's Townhall for Hope. My local Christian station is playing it on the radio tonight, but to find a location for the townhall in your area just follow the link. I listen to Dave every afternoon on the drive home from work and look forward to hearing his message tonight.

*Also - my HR lady told me my pants were too big for me this morning! Okay so she's also my friend and a very incouraging person, but I'm going to retire these pants any way.

I'm planning on going shopping the week before the 5K to buy a new workout outfit. Normally I can't justfiy spending money on workout clothing, when I have plenty of t-shirts and old shorts that use to belong to Mr. Right at the house. I figure for running the 5K I can splurge a little.

While I'm at TJ Maxx looking for my 5K ensemble, I think I'm going to venture into the size 6 pants and see what happens!!

(Did I mention the 5K is next weekend and I'm getting a little freaked out?)

*Today is my Friday - I'm working an all day charity event tomorrow - so have a great weekend!!


  1. Have fun at the charity event and have fun shopping!!!

  2. whoa...are you doing run for the party?
    I may or may not be there...I have so much going on that day so I may not :(

  3. I am still so impressed about the 5K!

    You better blog about the Dave Ramsey thing! I can't go (work thing for hubby), and I want to know what he says!

  4. Good luck shopping and running! Congrats on the shrinking!!

  5. Woo-hoo on the shopping! How fun to be in a new size range. One day I'll be there.

  6. Yay!!! I love getting my running stuff at TJ Maxx, I got my FAVORITE Nike Dri-Fit running tights there for $16, usually at least $65!

    I need new pants so bad, they are all baggy, especially in my butt. But still snug in the thighs, I have like jumbo muscle thighs :(

    ~ Katie

  7. It's so nice to get told your clothes are fitting loosely when they used to be snug!! :)

  8. Happy 5K! I can't wait to see your snazzy new outfit! I am sure you will run so much better!! :-)

  9. Girl, if you are running a 5K you buy and wear whatever you want! Kudos -- I can't run a mile!


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