April 15, 2009

Quitters never win...

...but at the rate I'm going neither will I.

Shrink into Summer challenge
Starting weight: 134.6
Goal Weight: 129
Weight every week since: 135
Today's weight: 136.4

I'm seriously considering just giving up. Eating whatever I want, my weight stays steady at 138. Why should I push this hard for 3 pounds that I don't even notice missing?

Ii'm going to spot myself 1.5#s this week, since I'm scheduled to saddle up on the cotton pony and ride into the hut tomorrow. Even still - I have just maintained this weight.

I'm not going to allow myself to quit...yet. This week I'm too emotional with PMS, but if the scale doesn't start moving (the right direction) soon I'm going to throw in the towel.

Yesterday during my total body toning class, I saw myself in the mirror doing military presses and I looked scary! I could see the definition in my arms and I looked like I could kick some serious booty!

Mr. Right agreed with me, my arms are getting more toned, he says my torso was so small to begin with he can't tell a difference.

When I asked about my legs he said that he didn't know because he hadn't seen me in shorts lately. Apparently seeing me naked doesn't count.


  1. LOL! You are so funny! Well, I hate to see you give up but I can understand your frustration. If you do relax on your diet, I would definitely keep doing the exercise. It sounds like you are making some progress there!! Good luck!

  2. Haha, "saddle up on the cotton pony" ~ you know, I've never heard that one before! Too funny.

    Not knowing how tall you are, maybe all your body needs is toning, not necessarily weight loss. A little sculpting can make an amazing difference.

    Don't give up. As unimpressed as you are with your lack of progress, you'll be even more unhappy with yourself if you don't try anymore.

  3. I totally understand your discouragement...I seem to stay right in the same weight range too. Even though I feel like throwing in the towel also, I'm going to encourage you to keep at it a little longer and see what happens...especially since you are at least noticing a difference in your strength, that's a good thing!

  4. That is super frustrating. All you can do is eat consistently and stick with working out. I had a friend who had totally messed up her metabolism from diets and such, it took her a year of eating the same amount calories and macro nutrients, gaining some weight before she lost it. Now she looks fantastic, but it def. took awhile. Stick with it...you can do it!

    It must be the season for buff arms :-)

  5. Could you be gaining muscle with all of your working out? Mucles weighs more than fat. How do your clothes feel? What do you see in the mirror? Sometimes, we are our own worst critics. Don't give up!

  6. HAHA! That last graf cracked me up!

    Maybe you ARE losing weight but gaining muscle. That's good! And muscle weighs more than fat, so that would be a reason why you're not losing. Are you doing more strength training or cardio?

  7. Keep at it. You're doing great. Buff arms are going to look hot this summer :)

  8. So funny! Never heard the expression cotton pony! I laughed out loud!! And why is it that Husbands never notice?? Good luck!! I go weigh in tomorrow and I think all of the peeps are going to show up in full force!

  9. Don't give up, Brooke! If there's one thing I've learned, it's that this whole weight loss thing takes more time than you think. Keep working out and keep watching what you eat, and it will pay off. I promise!!

    Thanks so much for all of your comments! I *see* you everywhere I go, and I want you to know you're a true asset to the Sisterhood!

  10. lol @ the shorts comment.

    I hear ya. Plateaus suck.


  11. Hey, I say you're still doin' an awesome job! Staying fit and being healthy is seriously it's own reward! It'll add years to your life and give you health in the meantime. Plus, toned arm muscles are nothing to complain about!

    I seriously think you must be adding a bunch of weight in muscle with the amount of exercise you're doing! Muscle weighs more than fat, so I'd start going by how many inches you've lost rather than pounds. Pounds really don't tell the whole story, and I think you're missing out on the GOOD NEWS of being fit and healthy!

    Don't give up! Just change your goals. Let the workouts themselves be your goal. Let eating healthy be your goal. The pounds will take care of themselves.

  12. "...I'm scheduled to saddle up on the cotton pony and ride into the hut tomorrow."

    LOL! That is so funny. And, FYI, (or is this TMI?) Me too! Maybe I should give myself a break this week as well! -Jennie

  13. So funny!

    I feel your pain, I'm just not tiny to begin with anywhere!

    Try to just enjoy being stronger. #s are really hard on some of us!

  14. The reverse on the scale is crappy. But the arm definition is a definite plus! And that military press is probably getting easier, no?

    Hang in there!

  15. Funny!! I love your description! Gotta tell my hubby!

    I can understand your frustration. You know something is happening because of the definition in your arms. Muscle does weigh more. Do your pants or other pieces of clothing fit better? That is a better indicator.

  16. Don't give up!! You can do this! You just have to figure out the right amount of calories that you need to eat!

    Definition is a good thing! Keep at it! :o)


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