December 28, 2009

Book Review: Saving Cicadas by Nicole Seitz

The novel Savings Cicadas by Nicole Seitz is the story of a single mom and the journey prompted by her third pregnancy. The story is narrated by Janie, the 2nd child, and by Grandma Mona. When Priscilla – the mom in the story, finds out she is pregnant for the 3rd time, she gathers up her family – which includes Grandma Mona, Poppy, Janie, and Rainey – her 17 year old daughter with Down’s syndrome – and hits the road.

It’s a story of forgiveness, survival, and family.

Only I’m not sure if I liked the book.

Seitz is a great writer; the story pulled me in and had me hooked from the beginning. But as their journey continues, family secrets are brought to light. Dark, unspoken truths that have haunted the family for years.

At the end of the book, Seitz acknowledges that her book isn’t doctrinally sound, and that those wishing to know the truth should seek the Bible’s guidance on the issue. My vagueness is an effort not to spoil the ending for you, I’m not just sure how I feel about an author who in essence says I know what I wrote isn’t correct, but I wrote it for the sake of the story.

In her defense I can see why she did it, but a day removed from finishing the book and I’m still not quite certain it was worth it. The book is powerful, no doubt. It has a clear message that it effectively delivers. I’m just not sure if its ever okay – even in the format of fiction – to deviate with what the Bible says.


  1. It sounds interesting, but I agree with what you said about deviating from the Bible.

  2. I'm reading The Blindside. Saw the movie and loved it so, that I had to read the book! Have a Happy New Year!!!

  3. Well said. I couldn't finish the book. My Husband reviews also, it was one of his. I'm waiting on my next one so I thought, enh let's see. You've written so well what I was feeling about it but not sure quite how to express it. The message is important.... but how they went about it I didn't care for.

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