December 09, 2009

Shrinkaversary - Week 6

Good morning my shrinking sistas!

Shrink-a-Versary Challenge with the Sisterhood!

I know I keep saying I'm going to quit weighing myself, but every Wednesday morning I feel compelled to see if I'm ballooning back up.  Most normal people can just tell by looking at themselves.

Not me.

I'm OCD a perfectionist have body dismorphia mental.

I've eaten around 2000 calories a day for the past week - not by intent, but by compulsion.  Like last night I was cooking dinner and every time I opened the fridge to get an ingredient - the sliced cheese called my name. 

I helped myself to three slices.

And didn't reduce the portions of green beans, french fries, or bbq chicken I had already tracked to eat.

While shaving this morning, I looked at my legs and could just tell they were porking up.  Not only had I eaten more than normal (btw - 2,000 calories should be maintenance for me right now - which is my goal), I had taken 4 days off in a row from exercising. 

4 days! 

What a sloth.

So onto the scale this morning with me.

And you know what?  I weighed 128 (goal weight is 125).  In despiration I took off my leather hooker boots and socks and got back on the scale.



2,000 must truly be maintenance for me!

Kick @$$!

Because on normal days, eating 2,000 is difficult for me.  2,000 calories of whole, clean foods is a lot!

Now I just need to be sure I don't start to splurge on...let's say...a piece of chocolate fudge every day just because I know I can.   Then again, I do only have 3 pieces of fudge and 1 chocolate oatmeal cookie left, so I guess that's not too big of a danger.

Before I shoo you away to go hop on your own scale - I leave you with a recipe for a delicious chocolate treat - a protein shake.  (I drink them after heavy lifting and after long runs.)

1 scoop chocolate protein powder
2 packets splenda
1 tbsp half and half (or 1/2 cup milk)
1/2 cup water (omit if using milk)

blend together in blender.

add ice, blend until ice is crushed.

for about 140 calories you have a good sized frostee esque treat!!  And its full of protein to help your muscles build back up after a hard workout.  (Crap - I'm starting to sound like Bob and Jillian when they're plugging products.)

Now get to the scales, the link up over at the Sisterhood.


  1. 2000 calories is hard to do! Unless you love fast food of that case you could almost knock it out in two meals, haha. When I played soccer I would try to eat 2000 "healthy calories," but felt like I was going to BUST!

    Congrats on the happy scale numbers! :)

  2. Great that you seem to have found your happy place -- scale and calorie-wise! Oh, and I want to see a pic of the hooker boots.

  3. I actually got on a scale last night and, since I've been running, I've lost TWO pounds. TWO. That's it!!! But my legs are pure muscle, AND I've lost two dress sizes, so...I'm fairly okay with just two pounds, lol!!! ;) Congrats on you for still being around the 125 mark! That's awesome!!

  4. I could never get used to the taste of protein powder, there is always that nasty after taste! Yuck.

    I give you a lot of credit for counting your calories. I never do that, but I am a pretty clean eater and my weight is pretty good-about 123, so I think it's working for me.

  5. MUST post picture of the hooker boots....hooker.

    Good job on the loss! And wow, 2000 calories is a lot to eat when you're doing it the right way : ).

  6. That is great! Congratulations! I can't wait until I am in maintenance mode.

  7. I NEED to see the hooker boots! ;)

    Great job maintaing! And your mileage to date? Awesome!

  8. Gotta love those unexpected surprises. Way to go! Thanks for the recipe - looks tasty.

  9. Hooker boots? REALLY??!! Love it :)

    Congrats on your maintenance, hooker! I'm so proud of you :)

    2000 calories does sound like a lot, but it's what your body needs! Keep up the clean eating and your maintenance will be a snap!!

  10. Amazing how much boots and a sweater weigh. I took mine off when I stepped on the scale and lost 4 lbs.!

  11. Amazing how much boots and a sweater weigh. I took mine off when I stepped on the scale and lost 4 lbs.!

  12. Way to go! I know what you mean about the exercise, I've got to get back to the gym...

  13. It's nice that you've found a comfy way to maintain your weight!! I can't even remember the last time I weighed myself. I used to be obsessed with it, weighing myself every day but at some point, I just stopped. I can always tell, though, if I've gained weight by the way my clothes fit.

  14. I couldn't be prouder of how far you've come! You rock!!

  15. Woo-hoo!!!

    I want to see the hooker boots, too!!!! PHOTOS NOW!

  16. Yeah, those pesky clothes can really mess with your numbers, LOL!

    Great job on MAINTAINING! That's what it's all about, right?


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