December 14, 2009

True Confessions Monday

Its confession time over at the Sisterhood!!

And I have quite a bit to get off my chest.

*I had high hopes of winning the globetrotter challenge free and clear.  With my half training I was putting in 20+ miles a week running, and was convinced that once the race was over I'd cut back to 3 and 4 mile runs, but 5 times a week.  That just hasn't happened.

In fact, the bulk of my mileage has come thanks to Thea's step conversion chart. 

*I haven't ran in almost two weeks.  Its starting to make me cranky and sad like I use to be, only I'm having trouble motivating myself.

*I'm pigging out whenever I want on whatever I want.  Including a steak dinner Friday night and IHOP for breakfast Saturday morning.

*I get freaked out at work thinking about all the things I have to do at home.  But by the time I get home I'm too stressed to do anything so I wrap myself in a Boyd's Bear cocoon blanket and watch TV the rest of the night.

*I'm pretending that I'm not moving after the first of the year.  Thinking about moving means stressing about packing.  And storeage issues (its an old house with small closets). 

*My hands are incredibly dry and I'm not lotioning them as I ought.  Okay so that's not a big deal, but since I'm laying it all out there.

*I'm proud (you know the sinful kind) of being finished with my Christmas shopping so early in the year.

*I'm hoping to get my Christmas cards out today, and am ashamed that they have taken me so long.

*Thanks to April and Christie O, I've signed myself up for a race in an effort to get myself motivated on the running front.  The race is on January 16th, and I'm aiming for a personal best.  That gives me right at a month to train for it.

* I took a salad to the Christmas party Saturday night - and it was a big hit!  Who knew something beyond iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing would be so popular.  I did italian dressing, romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and green peppers.  My mom even complimented the presentation!


  1. I too quit running as much after my race. Of course, I was also hit hard with school. The truth is, I can't do more than one challenge at a time, so I've stuck to the ea sports active challenge since I knew I was getting a copy of the game.

    Good luck on training for your next race!

  2. just break your home tasks into baby steps by evening & don't let yourself do more than is on your list :)

    wtg on being done shopping!!!

  3. *sigh* packing is down there with dropping a huge can of tomatoes or something on your toe.

  4. Point four sounds like me! I spend so much time worrying about a problem, I'm not left with the energy to face it and deal with it!

    My advice? Go grab a bottle of lotion and baby yourself, or at least your hands, a bit!

  5. My hands are so dry they itch but at least (knock on wood) we've been flu free. I think I'm finally done shopping too - woo-hoo!

  6. It's alright - I love you anyway! Maybe a bit more, because I'm right there with you!

  7. Good job on signing up for a race. I know that I need a race coming up to push myself to keep running!
    And your poor hands. Mine do that this time of year too. Keep lotion everywhere. Desk, nightstand, by the tv. I have to or I'll forget and my hands will start bleeding! Yuck!

  8. I hate dry hands too!

    I am so with you on getting motivated about the Xmas cards. It is such a production here. I have everything I need- now I just need to stuff, lick, address. But who wants to do that at the end of th day?

    How long is your run in January?

  9. I've considered signing up for a winter race, but I don't do the cold when I'm just standing in it. I can't imagine running in it!

  10. Great confessions, Brooke! I'm glad I could help motivate you to sign up!! I know you'll do great!


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