December 30, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Rethinking...

Rethink Your Shrink!

Its time for a new challenge over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans designed to help us not only shrink in the coming new year/decade - but to help the changes we make actually stick!

I'm wiping the slate clean. After a month of not really tracking my food, my weight settled in at around 128-130. Down comes my 10# button because the girl who never worked out and ate fast food every day is gone. If I earn a button this challenge/year/decade, I'll put it up when appropriate.

Starting weight: 130 - yikes

takes off shoes


spots self 1 pound because weigh in was after breakfast

Starting weight: 128

Goal weight: 120

You always hear that the last 5 are tough to lose. Only it wasn't tough for me going from 130 to 125. So that tells me that those weren't my last 5 to lose. My hope is that I can get to 120, see what it looks like for me then decide what my true maintenance weight is.

I was chatting with a friend about weight and weight loss and knowing when to stop. Its a hard conversation to have because most people are afraid to offend. The friend that have been right by my side for most of the journey (both in exercise and in food tracking) is incredibly blunt (but she also knows when to lie - its a great trait for a friend to have).

She and I were talking about finding our goals. Hers was to get back down to a weight she remembers looking good at. Since I didn't start weighing until I got out of college (and I was around 130) I don't have that bench mark.

She had suggested getting down to 120 and then re-evaluating my goals. "Sure you don't need to lose any more weight - even for vanity sake - but why not? You'll never be this close to having the perfect body again in your life."

While most other friends (including my darling husband) would have told me I was perfect just the way I am, she cut right to the chase. At first I was offended (I'm an easily offended person, we often wonder how we're friends). The more I thought about it I realized that was one of the nicest compliments anyone has ever given me.

Sure I'm fine the way I am. I'm perfectly healthy. My husband loves the way I look.

But why not try. Just to see what I'm capable of?

My only fear is that I'll lose down to 120 and that won't be good enough either. I'll never be skinny enough. My friend promised me that she won't hesistate to let me know if I get too small. Since I've seen her do it to other friends, I have no doubt that she's up for the job.

This time next year, I want a closet full of comfortable 4s. For all of the 8s to be boxed up and in the attic with the other "if i have a baby in the next couple of years" stash, and the 6s to be there waiting to be wore when Aunt Flow comes to visit.

I want to run a sub 30 minute 5k.

I want to shave 15 minutes off my half marathon time - finishing in around 2:30.

I want to ride around Cades Cove without dismounting my bike.

What does the new year have in store for you?


  1. Those are wonderful goals. It also sounds like you have a great friend. I wish I had a friend that was that blunt with me. I'm tired of hearing "you look great now" when I know that isn't true. I'm 30 lbs over weight. I know you will be able to do it. You're an amazing person.

  2. I also agree that those are great goals. You will reach them and then some!!

  3. I want to do my first marathon and PR on a half marathon :-) It looks like you have some great goals and a great friend!

  4. Just BE CAREFUL. That whole "it's not good enough mindset" is what I've battled and it got me in some dark places.

    However, these sound like great goals! I'm plugging away at 5Ks...eventually I'll get there!

  5. Definitely a good friend to have! Sometimes the truth hurts, but it's invaluable.

  6. Brooke -- great goals! And great that you have someone that will be brutally honest with you -- either way!! Looking forward to getting my mind in a better, healthier place during this challenge as well!

  7. Great goals! I'd have to agree with Lora on the weight goal, based on my life experience! I heard some very liberating words during a Beth Moore Bible study a few years ago, & I'll probably mis-quote her, but here's the gist: find the weight that you are FREE at! Where you're eating healthy, not worrying about every bite, and you're not stressed out about an occasional splurge! I'm glad you have an honest friend, though, who will tell you if you get too small!!

  8. You're friend sounds like a great person to have around. It's so easy for people to tell you that you're fine the way you are and you don't need to lose weight. You have some awesome realistic goals! Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcoming me to the sisterhood. I'm super excited to join in!

  9. OH I need one of those friends!! :) she's a keeper!

    I am thinking of my 2010 this week to post later. Great list!!

  10. Great goals! It's great to have a straight-no-chaser friend tell it ya from time to time! I love the 5K goal very much! I'm a HUGE punk about doing that sort of thing...LOL, so I'll live through you on that one!

    Happy Shrinking!!

  11. It's good to have someone who can tell you how it hard as that is to do, it's nice to hear the truth esp from a good friend. I hope to to finish up my youngest baby book (he's 4-1/2) and to get on some sort of regular exercise program.

  12. My goal is to exercise. Just to do it. I need to lose weight, but I think if that's *why* then I just won't get around to it. So this year is really not about losing a single pound. Just about getting active again and eating right.

  13. Great goals, Brooke. Your motivation and follow through is truly inspiring!

  14. You always have fantastic goals! I'm glad you have a terrific friend that is honest to the core. That's the best. :)

  15. It's great to have a friend who's willing to help.
    Now have enough trust in yourself, and go for it!

  16. Brooke, I could never be more proud of anyone than I am of you! We've talked about this before...there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to lose those vanity pounds. I know you can do it.

    I love your goals! Many {{HUGS}} to you.

  17. Those seem like really good goals. I want to do my first half-marathon, and get down to a size 6.

  18. when you say i won;t be skinny enough, that alarms me. i want you to be aware of a healthy weight goal for yourself. just keep that in ind and i look forward to hearing on your running goals!

  19. Those are wonderful goals...and it sounds like you have the persistence and stamina to fulfill every single one of them!!

    Happy New Year!

    BTW, the Zhu Zhu pets are these little hamster creature thingies that run around making hamster noises. It's like having a pet but you don't have to feed it, water it or cuddle with it. The kids are having a blast with them!

  20. It is hard to figure out where you want to be when you get started...I thought 135 was my final goal, but when I was less then 10 lbs from that I knew I could do better.

    I'm glad you are keeping your head, and that you have someone who will keep you in check if you get too tiny! Good luck!


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