December 16, 2009

Shrinkaversary - Finale!

Shrink-a-Versary Challenge with the Sisterhood!

I did it!

I went a Wednesday morning without weighing!! 

After further review eating enough to build muscle also requires gaining fat.  And I just don't think I can be okay with that.

Today's weight is up some, but that's after breakfast and a couple cups of coffee.

Jay has officially asked that I not let my upper body get any more muscular.  If I wasn't too shy, I'd share with you my "before" pictures and we'd all have a good laugh at him.  I'm no where near looking manly.  He's just afraid I'll be able to kick his butt.

I got back into running yesterday, and will run again today at lunch, and am joining a running group tomorrow night for a neighborhood Christmas light-viewing run.  So I'm officially back on the wagon.  Well at least the cardio wagon.

Not gonna brag on all my food choices, but I'm fairly certain that the more I run the more my body will crave good foods. 

So my issues for the week?  I bought a new bra this past week.  It was quite depressing.   It was the smallest size available (in band and cup).  While my darling hub-sand insists that he thinks they are perfect - I can't help but feel...well like a fat ass with tiny boobs.

Which brings me to his other attempt to make me feel good about myself.  I was whining explaining that I was fat and needed to get back into exercise and watching what I ate.  He was like "but you have the perfect body - perfect boobs, perfect stomach, perfect arms, perfect calves."

Dude - don't think I didn't noticed that you left out the thunder thighs.

Thanks a lot.

While I have agreed to his request to not lose any more weight, I'm just not happy with my body.  So we'll just have to see how long I'm okay with honoring his request.  Let's take a vote - should I start to cut calories now, or wait till after the first of the year?

Moving right along to the globetrotter challenge...

I've logged in 104 miles.  Some of those are true miles (probably about half), some are pilates and weights classes converted using Thea's chart

Edited to add: I ran 3 miles at lunch today.  Not sure if today counts and if that officially puts me up to 107 or not.  And its probably not fair that I did that after I read some mileage posts.  I mean what's to keep me from running 10 miles just to catch up with the winner today?  Um...other than my lazy rear and a lack of time that is.

How'd you do this challenge?


  1. Laughing at the boob comment...sorry, I'm on the other end of both aspects!

    You should be thrilled that you only have one problem area, and it sounds like that's not even a huge problem are, you just notice it more because everything else is soo tiny.

    Congrats on your miles...that is amazing!!!

  2. Wait till after the 1st of the year. Hard to cut calories when there are so many parties and functions around food (good food too).

  3. Brooke, you are so funny! It sounds like your husband ADORES you.

    Great job on logging miles, girlfriend. You're a warrior!

  4. Oh Brooke, God made you just as He wanted you to look. He is the Master sculptor. Yes, we want to look our best, but we also need to be content w/ how He made us.

  5. Awesome mileage, Brooke! I am in awe of you and some of the other sisters! Glad to hear you're getting back to running -- you seem to love it and find peace in doing it. Have you found your own personal half to conquer in June?

    Isn't it kind of ironic how we always want what we don't have? You want to be bigger, I want to be smaller. I also want long, straight, blonde hair. I'm working at trying to love my body as it is, while still trying to whip it into shape and make the best of my assets. You can do the same!

  6. Well, sounds like your husband is very happy with you. Maybe you can work on strength training in the areas that bother you - to tighten up but not lose weight.

  7. I am thinking you need to post some pictures of you because from what I have read, it seems like you are just about perfect : ). It is so hard to equate what the world sees with what we see- you just might be thin but still seeing your "old" self, kwim?

    I wish I only had thunder thighs (and not the thunder booty and thunder hips to match)!

  8. I'm with Renee on this one, girl.

    AWESOME mileage!!! Way to go!

  9. We're always hardest on ourselves. When I look in the mirror, I'm not happy with what I see either. But when I ask Tim what he thinks, he thinks I'm fine. It's sweet that your hubby admires your body exactly the way it is. Good thing for us our hubbies are blind to what we see as our flaws.

  10. Wow fantastic mileage you got there! The running club sounds like a fun thing. You're a lucky one to have a husband who lets you know just how perfect you really are.

  11. HAHAHA!! I know what you mean!! My hubby keeps saying, "Please don't lose the girls! They look like they're getting smaller!" SIGH....


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