December 22, 2009

Random notes

*Jay and I attended his friend's church on Sunday and both really liked it.  They have a young pastor, fresh out of seminary who brought a good message.

*I've lost my religion, said naughty words, been hoping Santa isn't watching, gotten frustrated with the bank on their loan process.  We sent them a print screen of our online banking for the past month, that's not enough information.  We sent them a print screen of our online banking going back until September, that's too much information.  We've made deposits over $100 into our savings accounts, they want documented proof where we got the money.  They want to know what the $390 deposits that have happened 3 times in the last month are and are too stupid to read "(insert my employer name) Payroll DD" under the transaction.

Last night I left a voicemail for dude.  I was going to rip him a new one try to understand this insanity.  It went to his voicemail.  This morning when Jay got frustrated with him Jay said "I think you need to talk to my wife."  lol!  I'm a tad more agressive than my dear, sweet husband.

*I got a Zhu Zhu pet for my niece, they have them hidden at the Site-to-Store counter at Wal-mart.  There was a 1 hampster per person limit, so I got the white one.  That'll just leave her without the yellow one to open on Christmas Day.

*At 5 years old, my sister is worried about her figuring out the big Christmas secret.  (At 2 1/2 she told her babysitter that the Easter bunny wasn't real and her mom bought all her Easter basket candy at Wal-mart.

*My new favorite song is "Did you know..." by Todd Agnew.  I probably need to listen to it again this morning to get myself back in the Christmas spirit after the bank run in.  Here is a video of Agnew talking about the song writing process.


  1. Hold up...are you telling me Wal-Mart keeps stuff hidden in the store?

  2. I just watched A Very Brady Christmas and was thinking of you. It was so much fun. Good for you getting the zhu'll be a big hit at Christmas.

  3. The bank loan stuff all sounds so frustrating. Praying that it gets smoothed out quickly. I'm confused about this hidden hamster at Walmart?

  4. Congrats on finding a zhu zhu pet. You will be the coolest aunt. Thanks for entering my PW cook book give away, I don't understand why you gave the cowboy boots up, I am still wearing mine,lol. I wish I had a cook book for everyone who entered. I plan to have another great give away next month so check back. God bless and Merry Christmas.

  5. I so get you on the loan process. I ended up having to rip a new one to a loan officer once. It wasn't pretty.

    What the heck is a zhu zhu pet?

  6. oh lucky you found a Zhu Zhu aunt wanted me to track one luck!

  7. There is nothing more frustrating than the loan process. UGH!!!

    I keep hearing about these Zhu zhu pets and one of the kids at my daughter's school told her about them and it's all she's talking about. I just won one on a giveaway, thank goodness. Because there are no more at any stores around here!! Your niece is gonna be thrilled!

  8. I completely understand the frustration with the loan process & all the deposits needing to be accounted for {bleh!} It's all worth it in the end!!

    Your niece reminds me of my baby girl who (at 26 months) said that Santa was just a guy, & she didn't want her picture taken with him!

    I like your favorite line on my last post ~ not sure why I didn't mention that one, too! I LOVE to see old married couples that are so in love & hope that Chris & I will be one of them some day! ;)

  9. I LOVE that Todd Agnew song! Merry Christmas!


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