August 16, 2010

Fun with Random Pictures

Okay I'm in a good mood this morning so its time for you to caption this picture.  It was taken this weekend by Jay on one of our grand adventures.  Do you dare to guess what we're up to?

Leave your caption for this picture in the comments.  Tomorrow I'll ruin the fun by telling you what a boring shot it actually was see if any of you came close and let you know what the deal was.

Hopefully by then he'll have emailed me the rest of the pictures so that I can share the complete story.


  1. Caption: Jay, hurry up and take the picture! This smile is killing me and the basket is heavier than it looks!

  2. Hmm...I'm not so great at captions. I was thinking something along the lines of YOU getting inside it to surprise Jay when he opens it to get what he thought was a picnic lunch!

  3. Cute picture of you!

    "Oops I didn't realize you had packed a picnic lunch Jay - I'm sorry I ate it as a midnight snack!"

  4. What do you mean this isn't big enough for lunch?

    You look very cute!

  5. I'm not clever enough to come up with a caption but the picture is great and I'm loving what everyone else is writing.

  6. I would guess going on a picnic but that smile is making me think you are about to stuff him in that basket:)

  7. You look so cute and happy! I think you're at a cabin going on a romantic picnic!!

  8. You look so cute!
    my caption is - "Jay, what do you think about going on a picnic?"

  9. cute pick--love the hair

    caption-- "Hey leave the gun take the cannoli, o good its already in here."

    yea that was a lame caption!

  10. Hehehe.

    Caption: Jay....I told you to put the wine in here, but, as you can see, it's NOT. THERE.



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