August 17, 2010

More Fun with Random Pictures

Thanks for playing along with me yesterday!  I got a wide range of guesses - from Amy thinking I was going to pop out of the basket to surprise Debbie's guess that I was going to stuff him in the basket!

Of course the reality of the picture was much more boring.  Jay had to take pictures of that cabin for a client of his and I tagged along for the ride.

The first cabin we visited was much less fun.  It was a vacant cabin with no furniture or air conditioning.  The second cabin on our stop was much more my speed.  I headed straight for the leather couch and made myself comfy.

Being the Nosey Rosey that I am - I went straight for the guest book.  I just love to read about other people's vacations.  I especially love when they over share!  As was the case with Dale and Jennifer.  I got to read all about how they met on eharmony (and just before his subscription was going to expire) and within weeks found themselves at this cabin getting to know one another better.


9 months later at Christmas, he surprised her with another visit to "their" cabin.  Perched in front of the blazing fire, he dropped to one knee and asked her to be his wife.  When I first started reading aloud from the book, Jay thought I was making it all up.  Then he asked me to read, while he was recording video for  his client.  Thankfully his client was good humored about it and appreciated my 'radio reader' style commentary.

(Unfortunately the video was 10 minutes of looking at the entire cabin from top to bottom and couldn't figure out how to edit it to share only the brief portion of me reading the 5 page guest book entry.)

Later, we find in the book, Jennifer's daughter and her new husband are given the cabin as a wedding gift from her mother.  Then Jenn and Dale revisit their cabin and reiterate how much they love this cabin and how they are happier than every.  Unfortunately, the cabin didn't provide such good fortune for Jenn's daughter, as she and her husband divorced.

Seriously - the mom felt the need to give us the update in the guest book.  Over share anyone?

As I peered into the lives of those who had traveled that path before me, Jay continued on his work.  Taking a shot of the fireplace and the living room area from the kitchen, he asked me to duck down.  I obliged, then ask him to take a picture of me from the other direction, for blogging purposes of course.

(Please note the shoes, they'll be important later in the story.)

Jay finished up taking pictures and I decide to give his client one final greeting.  What could be better than a cabin where people fell in love, celebrated their love (many anniversaries recorded), and got divorced?

A giant picnic basket of course!!

After I displayed the basket for the camera in true Barker's Beauty fashion, Jay and I packed it up and headed to the real romantic spot - the section of the National Park where he and I married.

I've posted a million blogs about Cades Cove and a billion pictures of it.  It never disappoints.  There is just something about driving back there, rolling the windows down, and being as close to nature as you possibly can be in the comfort of your car.

It was a hot day so the front portion of the 11 mile loop was disappointingly short on wildlife.  Even the turkeys that always greet us at the entrance were noticeably absent. 

Before we came across these two bucks, our wildlife count was a dismal couple of deer.  (We've seen over 50 in one visit before.) Traffic was pretty backed up, so Jay assumed that it was a bear jam.  No such luck - but he still managed to score a few pictures out of the deal.

While these deer are wild, they're also protected by the park from hunting.  They have no reason to fear humans.

While deer sitings are common in the Cove, it is unusual to see two bucks with such big racks together like that.  What you are about to witness is the one and only time I'll let my husband view a sets of racks like this.  Otherwise its eye muffs all the way! ;)

The it was finally the moment Jay had been waiting for - a bear jam!  We pulled over to the side of the road, afraid that the bear had already scampered off, but others already there taking pictures quickly pointed to the bear in the trees.

I'll remind you again that Jay has an excellent zoom on his camera.  This guy was pretty far away.  We were close enough, however, to see him climbing up and down the tree which was pretty cool. 

Remember my shoes from earlier?  I had worn that outfit to church because it was something that I could get by with wearing to service, then wear around our travels.  Slightly casual for church, but over dressed for a lazy afternoon.

As we were headed back to the car from seeing the bear, I commented to Jay about how ridiculous it was I was wearing wedge heels in the National Park.  "If I weren't me, I'd make fun of me."

Less than a minute later, a car passed - the lady in the driver seat hung her head out and said "Nice shoes!"

I sh*t you not.

Jay swears there is no way she could have heard me.  We just couldn't figure if she was being serious or sarcastic.

And that was our Sunday afternoon.  I'll leave off the part about how I got home at 9:45 PM and had to make cupcakes.  More story for another day.


  1. Before I even read that part, I was like oh those are cute shoes! That's awesome you got to see deer that close up and not afraid. You of them...sometimes I get afraid they are going to charge me!

  2. What a fun day! I love all the pictures and commentary!

  3. That is hilarious. I can't stop laughing. They are cute shoes though.

    That's really cool you were able to see a bear climb up and down the tree. I've never seen a bear and have always wanted too.

  4. HAHAHA!! Love the shoe comment! That's hilarious.

  5. BAHAHAHAH GREAT POST! i'd think she was serious! they r great shoes! :)

  6. Cute shoes! For real! And I'm not being sarcastic. You're so good at writing about your life. I love it.

  7. I think those shoes are beautiful! And the cabin...I love. I was worried when you said oversharing, that they were putting in unspeakable things.

  8. Hahaha! My first thought in that pic was "cute shoes"! I love the commentary. If I ever am able to escape the craziness of my house I'll have to copy the photo documentation sometime.

  9. Definitely a compliment. They are very cute!

  10. Shoes are my weakness. That was the first thing I noticed. They were cute! Great pictures too. I would love to stay in a place like that, but with no kids! R1 will have his braces on for about a total of 2yrs. Not to bad for having so much stuff to fix.

  11. I love that cabin - I'll stay there anyday!
    This was a fun post - and I love the pictures of the animals. We've been to Cades Cove 3 times and have only see a few deer - none of them bucks. How are you so lucky?

  12. Awesome shoes and gorgeous photos!

  13. Great pics! The guest book over sharing cracks me up! :D


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