August 09, 2010

I'm a 10!

This weekend was pretty laid back (although I didn't spend much time at home).  Friday I went to a friends for book club.   Saturday I ran errands all morning followed by an evening of laying around the house and doing nothing.  Not the relaxing kind.  But the depressed feeling sorry for myself kind.

Sunday after church Jay and I previewed a couple cabins for clients of his, then headed to my grandparents house to check in on my Mamaw.  Dinner was pizza (don't worry team - I didn't over indulge and came in pretty close on my calories for the day) the we hit Redbox on the way home.

A friend had recommended She's Out Of My League so we grabbed it.  For a vulgar comedy it had a pretty good message - confidence is a self fulfilling prophecy.  If you think you're not good enough for the person you're with - you're right.  No matter how awesome you are your confidence level can make or break your relationship.

Mantra Monday

I'm a week early for Mantra Monday's (Christie O. is officially bringing it back next Monday) but I'm going to jump right in.

My mantra for the week is "I'm a 10." 

Seriously - Jay doesn't want to have to listen to me whine about how (fill in self loathing statement here).  I'm sure its exhausting for him to try to convince me that I'm not a 4 and he's not a 9.  Logically I get that as long as I have a "4" sticker on my rear end I have no right to whine about being fat.  I'm sure its quite annoying.

Now to find the umph to stop myself!

My "I'm a 10" plan for the week?  Stay within my calories for the week.  Don't skip workouts.  You know the standard stuff that's easier said than done.  Thankfully this week I've got my team of Calorie Cutting Cuties behind me to keep me on track.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and realize what a 10 you are!


  1. You are a 10! I hope you also love yourself today!

  2. I second totally are a 10! We don't lie....we aren't friends with 4's. unless it's their pants size.


  3. You're so funny! Of course you're a 10!!

    Thank you for your prayers! So far, so good...Just waiting things out! My brother & uncle are sleeping, and my aunt is reading a book. So I'm taking advantage of the "alone" time to catch up on things in blogland! :)

  4. You better believe you're a 10 or I'm gonna have to pop you! (Taking a cue from the WLM there.)

  5. I always remember the sign in the school cafeteria when I was in grade school, it said, "You are what you eat". But I also believe, "You are what you think!".
    So good job on this post and YOU are a 10!!

  6. A book club?! Im so jealous! Reading anything good?
    I have to try She's Out of My League...thanks for the review!

  7. Cool! You go with your super weightlifting 10 self, "SuperBo"! :-)

  8. You are a 10! Keeping telling it to your self!! YOU ARE A 10!!

  9. You ARE a 10! Love the postivie self-talk! :)

  10. You are a 10 and don't ever forget it!!!!!

    I was curious about that movie...may add it to my Netflix qeue!

  11. What a great mantra! I love it.

  12. I love it, Brooke! You are a 10! I'm glad you're bringin it!


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