March 18, 2011

Financial...erm...scratch that...Fitness Friday

In my head, there is a battle. 

To iPhone or not to iPhone.

If I did, I would choose the $50 out of date iPhone3.  So what's the big deal?  The $25 a month extra for a data plan terrifies me.  Sure its not a lot on a monthly basis, but I hate the idea of being tied down to charges each month.  That's over $300 a year (over half our monthly mortgage payment) to have Internet on my phone.

The reason this isn't going to be a financial Friday post where I ask for your advice is that I already know what you're going to say.  You'll tell me to go for it.  That its no big deal.  We've got the money might as well enjoy it.  Welcome to 2010!

(Yes I realize its 2011, but I'm only getting the phone for $50 because its soooooo last year!)

You'll all tell me to go for it.  Well everyone but Live Simply - Live Well.  She'll tell me to run far, far away - clutching my 2005 Razr tightly.

So instead, I'm going to tell you about how (and why) I spent $150 today to prove that I'm better than my husband.

Last year I was involved in the Mountain Man Memorial March.  A friend's husband was serving in Iraq and she wanted to form a team to walk in honor of him.  We started training in January for this even, doing long walks every other weekend. 

My darling husband made fun every step of the way.  Sure its 26.2 miles, but its just walking.  Why do you need to train for that?  You could do it tomorrow and be just fine.

What he failed to realize was that it wasn't just a marathon walk.  It was, as the name suggested, more of a march...a hike.  Military types traveled to G-burg in order to  participate in this even.  Most wore 40 pound packs and were dressed in full military gear.

This event isn't "just" anything.

So at the end of last year as he was massaging my tired little tootsies, he made a bold move.  My husband challenged me to a race.  He & I would both compete, but this time as individuals, racing against each other. 

If he wins, he gets 300 points.  Sorta like a token at Chuck E. Cheese.  Not really worth anything until you get enough. 

The system is fairly complicated, but if we ever get to +300 I get to go on a $300 shopping spree.  If we ever get to -300 points, he gets a TV in the bedroom.  There are various things that can earn points, but this will be the single largest batch of points awarded.

He currently needs over 400 points to get his TV.  On the other hand, I only need 150 or so before I hit my shopping spreed.  Winning this event will be the equivalent of putting cash in my hand.  He's that confident that he - a couch potato who thinks 5K is a "long run" - can beat me.

I've given him a 0.6% chance of winning.  I'm that confident, although as it approaches my confidence is waning. 

Since I'm a list person, let's break out the bullet points to see in who's favor the odds lie.

Reasons he could beat me:

  • He's legs are longer than mine.
  • He's got stronger quads for climbing those steep inclines.
  • He's determined.
  • He always is faster than me running, even with zero training.
  • He's a man, and sometimes they just suck like that.
Reasons I will win:

  • I've completed the 26.2 mile distance twice: once in the march last year, and once running the Disney marathon.
  • I've been training.
  • He thinks 5K is a long run and gets bored easily.
  • I've study nutrition needs for endurance running & walking.  I know what and how much I need to put in my back pack for what will probably be a 7-8 hour jaunt.
  • I have already told him that I'm not packing snacks for him like I typically do on hikes.  He's on his own.
  • I have good shoes that are broken in.  His shoes are worn out and cause blisters. (& he's too cheap to buy new ones.)
  • The most distance he's ever covered was on this hike with breaks along the way, including completely stopping for lunch at the top.  Yes he did better than me.  Yes I wanted to stab him along the way, but I was probably anemic at the time.
  • He's a mutant.  The chances of him pulling a muscle that hasn't been exercised in over a month is great.  Cold of me to say, but over and over I've begged him to train for this.  Then I asked him to call it off because he hasn't trained.  I've done my part and am washing my hands of it.  Until of course its time to drive him to the hematologist.
Now the countdown begins.  In 4 weeks we'll know the answer to the question that's burning in every one's mind - who's the better endurance athlete in the Mutant family!


  1. Now this is fun! I can't wait to hear what happens!

  2. I can't wait to find out who wins! (I'm thinking it'll be you, though.) And as for the phone debate? The iPhone is an option for me, and I'm pretty sure I'm still not going to get it in May. Just saying. It isn't for everyone. :)

  3. YOU CAN DO THIS!! I can't wait to hear how well you do on's gonna be great to see how you spend all that money shopping!!

  4. Oh this is gonna be good! Go you!

  5. haha!! you totally got this. can't wait to see all the pics from your shopping spree :)

  6. haha!! Thanks for the shout out!!!
    I am still holding out for the iphone. i have dave Ramsey is my head screaming at me to put that extra money towards retirement!!! hang in there with me girl.

  7. LOL!!! When Brent does somethinf good, I tell him he gets a gold star! They mean nothing!!

    And I'm in the same boat as you regarding an iphone! I REALLY, REALLY want one (seriously, the razor is so lame :)) But I don't want that monthly data plan fee either. I'm stil on the fence too!

  8. My money is on YOU, Brooke. You'll take him down and get that shopping spree!!!

    Get the damn iPhone, Brooke. Seriously. You totally deserve it, and it will make your life so much better. Trust me. It's awesome!

  9. Oo you are totally gonna crush him! It'll be humbling for him :-)

    As for the iPhone, I don't have one, nor do I plan on getting one because of the cost, but hubby has one. He dropped his text messaging plan which made the difference in the monthly cost a lot small, then uses part of his monthly 'fun money' to cover the rest. Or, it's not feasible for us (believe me I've thought about it!), if Jay has a smart phone too, is to drop internet at your house since you have it on your phone. If you need it on the computer there are plenty of places that offer it for free. Just a suggestion :-)

  10. This is absolutely NONE of my business, but you might mention this to your husband: Full disclosure: we've had a tv in the bedroom on and off for years and it didn't seem to make a difference one way or the other, but is it worth the risk? :)

  11. Oooooh, he should know better than to challenge you!! I absolutely cannot wait for this!!!!!!!!

    I have to tell you that I was totally against getting an iPhone too but now that I have one, I'm in love with it. I have no idea how I survived without it!!

  12. I would never tell you to get the iPhone. I am far too frugal to spend that much money a month. And with a family of 6, can you imagine!

  13. You are gonna kick his butt! 4weeks needs to pass pretty quickly...

  14. Oh my gosh, I love it!! And I have NO DOUBT that you'll win. Even though he has some good reasons for him to win, this is why you'll win:

    1. You won't pack him any snacks.

    2. He hasn't trained at all.

    Plus a plethora of other reasons, but I think those are your top two. ;)

  15. go Brooke go!!!

    (I haven't upgraded my phone yet either b/c I don't want the added charges on my bill)

  16. Two weeks till the showdown! I'm getting less confident on any chance at my victory. No training and Brooke knocking out a PR on a 5K doesn't bode well for me!

    At least the consensus on here agrees not to go for the IPhone. Although, if she does win she gets the $300 "shopping spree". Which happens to coincide with the yearly extra cost for an Iphone at $25. As Brooke would say "I JS"!


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