March 29, 2011

I'm not Superwoman

Okay most of you who've read my blog at all know this.   Those of you who lurk and skim...well I just thought I'd put it out there so there was no question.

Who am I kidding - I'm the only one who ever thought that.  I'm not perfect, as hard as I try to be.  I'm not able to get it all done in a timely fashion.

And it kills me. 

How's that for a Tuesday True Confession?

Yesterday I did the typical 8-5, getting up at 6:30 to be ready and out the door at 7:30 7:34.  Lunched with a friend to catch up on weekend events.  At 5 I hit the gym for a 3.1 miler on the treadmill.  I was home by 6:15ish, had dinner ready by 7.

We ate (watching a bit of TV while we chowed down), then I cleaned up the kitchen.   I was in the shower by 8, followed by drying my hair and packing my workout bag for today.  I was ready to crash by 9. 

That's it.  I barely read enough of my Bible to say that I'd done it and I was asleep well before 10. 

I didn't get my grocery shopping done, I didn't get to read, or do housework or much of anything except what had to be done.

What I don't understand is what am I doing wrong?  I know plenty of people have more on their plate then I do and still find a way to make it work.   I just don't know how to do it and I'm frustrated.

I didn't bore you with the details of my day just to hear myself banging on the keys.  I need help.  Suggestions on how to make a more efficient use of my time. 

Changing my workouts to the morning doesn't help because it just puts me in be earlier - I lose time either way.   I also don't normally go to bed that early, but I was overwhelmed and stressed  and sleep seemed to be the best resolution.

I volunteered to help out with a ministry at church, yet I have no clue when I'll even talk to my pastor about what that ministry might be. 

How do you do it?  How do you make life work? 


  1. Honestly I don't think anyone ever gets it "all" done every single day. You'd seriously go insane. I think it is just a matter of setting up priorities. Some days "me" is a higher priority than the housework.

    I think we were set up to believe that we could have it all AND do it all, but we just can't. I'm fortunate that I stay at home so that leaves a lot more time to get the housework done. That doesn't mean that my house is spotless. Far from it actually.

    Currently I'm into lists. I like lists. Sometimes they work wonders for me. Other times not so much when the perfectionist starts getting irritated that one thing hasn't been done. I'm slowly working learning that I'm not a superwoman and most times "some" is enough.

  2. I'm basically in the same boat as you, but instead of reading, my TV time suffers. Actually, it's my house that suffers - the place is a pit most of the time. LOL

    Seriously, I don't know how you can be expected to "do it all". I think you just prioritize and some things either fall by the wayside, or get done half-assed.

  3. I never do it all, but I try to get what's important done first (you know, the cooking, eating, exercising.) I'm all about lists. I had 3 lists last week, for one evening. And I didn't beat myself up when I didn't get everything done. Because I knew my family wouldn't mind. (I had to clean out the guest room for potential visitors.)

    I do try to exercise in the morning or at lunchtime, but since the time change, I've been able to exercise in the evening. Kenny and I like to take long walks in the evening, so it's not only exercise, but time to catch up too. Grocery shopping is done on Friday night or Saturday (for the whole week) so my week nights aren't wasted.

    But don't beat yourself up over not getting everything done. You can only do so much. :)

  4. Superwomen only exist in TV or movies...sorry to burst that bubble! The women that I know that have the appearance of "having it all together" have lots of help. Either from maids or the hubs. That doesn't happen in my house so it doesn't all get done. Prioritizing is the key. Make a list of what needs to be done, what should be done, and what HAS to be done. Then decide what is most important to you? The rest either doesn't happen during the week or you find a way to get outside help. Let me know how it works out...cuz after 26 years of marriage I'm still trying to balance it all!

  5. I don't exercise every day. Most of the time, when I get an opportunity, that's when I go run. Today, for example, there's no way on God's green earth that I'm going to get exercise in (I think, lol). So I made sure to run yesterday due to that.

    I do all my grocery shopping for the week -- and often, Kyle goes instead of me. God bless that man. And, granted, it helps that my mother-in-law comes and spot cleans for me, too. So...I have a lot of help, really. But I still don't get everything done, lol. My yard is a disaster, there is dust EVERYWHERE (because my MIL is not the world's best duster), my closet is a wreck, and so many times, we eat cereal or sandwiches for dinner. Sigh.

  6. I never get it all done. I don't think I ever will. The boys keep us so busy. There is also the never ending pile of laundry to do. It seems I do a load a day. Then there is dinner, homework, baths, and a million other little things. So when you figure it out please let me know! ;)

  7. i feel your pain! mornings and lunches have to be my productive time and i just sacrifice sleep or socializing.

  8. Super MOMS, Super WOMEN, none of that exists! I think the term was thought up by a man who wanted a woman to DO EVERYTHING AND STILL LOOK PRETTY AT THE END OF THE DAY AND NOT COMPLAIN! LOL

    Wanna know my answer? Ya gotta be willing to let some things go and at the end of the day, know you did the best to live that day and each moment fully. So you didn't get to something on the list. That doesn't make you a lesser person. Especially in God's eyes.

    I live by lists, too. The right-now stuff gets done (bills, kids, workouts) and maybe the stuff that's a little lower on the list gets done but maybe they don't. My floors are on that lower list and I'm pretty sure that right now they wish they were higher on the list but something always comes along to push it further to the bottom.

    I think your day sounds pretty great, to be honest. A lot of people don't even do that much, but a day where there's work, a workout and dinner on the table and a shower by 8 sounds pretty successful to me!

    I also think that on the outside it looks like other people get it all done but pretty much no one gets it all done. It just goes on the list for the next day.

    The other thing I do is break up housework into segments and a schedule: floors on wednesdays, bathrooms on friday, laundry on saturday, shopping on sunday. but it doesn't always happen that way (got two baskets of folded laundry as I type!) but i'm gonna go watch biggest loser with a beer because my kids were crazed lunatics at the end of this day and i need to put my feet up.

    so there you go. appreciate your days for every blessing in them! the floors can wait.

  9. i get it too. it feels like i need to figure out what i need to cut something out, but there is nothing to cut out. i get it too.

  10. it's all good. find the balance between doing what you HAVE to do, doing what you NEED to do and doing what you WANT to do. even if all those things boil down to you taking an evening snuggling on the sofa. :D

  11. When you find out let me know? :)

    I am single and I can't get what other people get done.

  12. I'm the wrong person to ask, as I'm battling the same thing! I've taken a week off from blogging (my hobby), to refocus and hopefully listen close enough to hear some answers from God.


    Praying we both find a solution!


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