March 14, 2011

Mission Minded Monday

For a while now, I've been a consumer at my "new" church.  I use the quotes because I've now been there over a year.  People have since visited, joined the church and plugged in while I sit on the sidelines.

Thankfully that is all starting to change.

A few weeks ago my Sunday school class committed to feeding the homeless.  Every Wednesday night a local organization Lost Sheep Ministry sets up under a bridge and provides a hot meal.  Originally we were suppose to serve last Wednesday, but the ministry informed us that they were overbooked with groups wanting to help (Ash Wednesday - no doubt) and could we come this week.

After soliciting help for the nursery (yet again - we're a church growing with babies every week it seems! don't worry, I don't drink out of the water fountain) and for a media person (ours was out on vacation so we had to resort to using the old hymnal), the pastor said that anyone looking to get involved should see him after the service.

So I did.  I let him know that I wasn't a huge fan of babies so nursery work wasn't something I was interested in helping with, but that I wasn't sure what else was left for me.  He threw out some ideas, took down my phone number and said he'd call to discuss them more fully.

Also?  My mom called this morning asking if I would be interested in joining a hiking ministry.  Her church (where I'm still officially a member even though I attend elsewhere) is starting up a program.  She didn't want to be involved by herself, but my dad isn't physically able to do it.  I told her that I couldn't make the initial meeting (also this Wednesday), but I would love to be a part of it! 

I'm so exciting at all the work God is doing in my life right now!

How do you give back to the community?  Are you a part of a church ministry?  Maybe a community organization that helps out?  If you're not involved, I'd encourage you to seek out ways to change that.  There are plenty of great things out there just waiting to be done!


  1. That's awesome, Brooke! It's really a lot of fun to get involved. =)

  2. very, very cool, Brooke! it's amazing what serving does to our hearts.

  3. That is great, Brooke! I volunteer at a local food shelter with my Rotary club. I love it. (I also mentor a first-grader. It's challenging, at best.)

  4. So awesome! The baseball team R1 plays for every year either helps with the Thanksgiving meal for the homeless at the civic center. The work in shifts, because there are so many or they bring an entire meal to the underprivleged ready to cook or to just heat up on Thanksgiving. I love the feeling you get from helping someone.

  5. I used to be in charge of our church's Sunday School, but that quickly burned me out with a brand-new baby. God and I have had a bit of a falling out and I have actually put quite a bit of distance between myself and church lately.

    I do give back to my community by running a Sparks group in our city. Sparks are the Canadian equivalent of Daisy Scouts in the US and the youngest members of Girl Guides. I have so much fun with my girls and love coming up with different activities to share with them.

  6. Brooke! What a neat blog! AND this post is extra good. :) I just scrolled and read all the way down--and was blessed by your writings!

    Thanks for participating in the give-away at my blog! Good luck too :)


  7. Greetings Brooke, Thank you for visiting my blog today; I've entered your name in the drawing. I loved reading your post and since hubby has family in your state-it is one of our very favorite states. Have a wonderful and blessed week and I'll announce the book winner on Friday.

  8. There is something about giving food to people it's just such an immediate need

  9. Good for you! There are always things to do that will help others, and you will be blessed in doing it!
    I run the prayer and info e-mail ministry at our church and I am also a Prayer minister on Sunday mornings (That means I'm there to pray with people who have concerns or requests).

  10. I think I've mentioned this before, but you asked so I'll answer! I volunteer in the student ministry, as a MOPS Mentor & recently started helping with an upcoming local mission. In the past, I've helped in the nursery, worship & the nursing home. I love serving! It helps me keep my focus off of me!

  11. May God bless you for getting into His ministries!


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