March 30, 2011

Goal check!

Is that a hockey term?  I know nothing about hockey, but I swear I heard that phrase somewhere.  Oh well moving right along...

Time to check in on those goals.

Weight - the same as last week.  I'm making an executive decision to stop weighing.  Period.  The End.  While I know this may not always be true, but I've "capped out" on weight.  138 is the most I've ever weighed, no matter how sloppy my eating habits or how lazy I've gotten on the exercise front.   Its what I currently weigh. 

I seriously doubt that, excluding anything extreme, I'm going to gain more.  Its just how my body is.  The gain was steady until hit this point, then it didn't matter if I was running 30 miles in a week or barely doing anything, eating fast food or not.  It just stopped.

Don't mistake my attitude. I'm sure its possible to gain more than this, but I've spent all of 2011 at this weight, and the past 3 months have seen a lot of different sides of me.

If the Shrinking Jeans gals have to have a weight from me each week for the challenge then I'll just enter today's weight.  It will show a gain for the challenge (the challenge start weight was on a different scale), so that won't put me in danger of winning anything.

Read Bible daily - I hit this one 7/7 times this past week.  If I had to do well on a goal this is the one I'd have picked! (And did pick I suppose.)  Although I will admit to "phoning it in" on Monday, doing the bare minimum.  Had I phrased it "study the Bible" I wouldn't have been able to count Monday - it was a read through with little thought to practical application.

Beyond that I did well - I spent the other days studying my Sunday school lesson and the verses that went with it as well as knocking out the books of 1 & 2 Thessalonians on my "read the Bible in a year" plan.  The book of Jeremiah is a struggle for me, so I only read my chapters in it one day.

Exercise daily - This was a stretch for me to count it as 7/7.  6 out of 7 no question, but I counted tending the fire as my exercise for Sunday.  It is activity that takes a bit of strength and ump, especially walking out to the wood pile and carrying in wood.  Either way what does it matter - I'm the one grading this and I give myself an "S" for satisfactory.

Reading for fun - 5/7 on completion.  Then again if it has to be forced into my day, its not for fun is it?  I finished two books and started a third.  Definitely an "S" for this goal as well.

64 oz of Water - 4/7 for this goal.  The days I fell short I got 7, 6, and 5 cups.  Not an epic fail.  "Needs Improvement" on this one.  *Hides from Roo*

3 Veggies & Fruits - I'm leaving this for last in hopes you're just skimming.  I consistently got in 2, but on some days 3 was a stretch.  I don't think the green peppers, onions, and peperocinis on my pizza means I got my daily three.  But I could be wrong.

Lenten activities

No soda - fail. I got it on Sunday (I asked catholicDan - Sundays are celebrations & you're allowed to stop fasting for the day) and loved every minute. Was drunk on caffeine so while we were sitting in gawd awful tourist traffic I made my phone charger a mic and sang along with the radio. The cars around us thought I was crazy but I enjoyed it. Jay on the other hand, got frustrated w/traffic and flipped a dude off. See soda isn't all bad - Jay had water and was crabby. I had soda and was happy.

The fail was Monday when I purchased and drank half a bottle (10 oz). I did, however throw the rest away.

Praying before meals - Epic fail. I forget all the time. Sometimes it'll hit me half way through. Sometimes it escapes me completely. Pretty much the only time I do it is when Jay reminds me. He just likes to point out when Christians fail - he's obviously never heard the "He's still working on me..." song.

One thing that does frustrate me is that even though I was drinking at least one regular soda a day (sometimes more) I haven't lost weight since cutting them out. I'd say that's an easy 200 calories cut from my diet and none of it has show up on the scale. With numbers like that it'll make it hard to stay away from them after Easter.

How has your week gone? Hopefully its been one of moderation and success.

Also please pray for my parents: my dad is having shoulder surgery today.  Its not a big deal medically speaking, but his doctor said it was one of the more painful surgeries that were performed.  My dad's not big on pain so my mom needs just as much prayer as he does.

How can I pray for you this week?


  1. Love your comment about J being crabby with water and you being happy with your Coke, but only because you were drunk on the caffeine.

    It think you are doing great, and giving up the scale is probably going to help keep you sane. As to why cutting out soda didn't change your weight-I have no clue, but I still think it's been good for you.

  2. I think you're doing great on your goals! I'm praying for your dad! As for me, I'm doing the "Me Myself & Lies" Bible study & have some thoughts I need to get under control. I could use prayer for that! :)

  3. Don't give up keep going. I actually have exceeded my water goals. I have been drinking about 76 oz ever day. That is more than the 8 8oz glasses a day intake. =)

  4. Sorry, the rest of my commment didn't post. Keeping your dad in my prayers. Keep us updated too.

  5. I think you are doing great! You might not be perfect at all of it, but you are trying.
    Praying the surgery goes well. Shoulder surgery can be pretty uncomfortable.

  6. "was drunk on caffeine"
    Ahh...I've felt that high many, many times, lol!!!

    Praying for your dad -- and mom! =)

  7. Oh girl, your goal list tires me out, ha! Congrats on your successes!

    Will definitely pray for your parents, hopefully all goes well and he has a quick recovery!

  8. I think you are doing the right thing for you. I know what you mean about feeling the frustration on the soda thing. I have a hard time with it too. Especially under stressful times...

    As far as Jay is concerned, the thing I find helpful in situations like this is just continued loving him and God, doing your best to be the wife you should be and pretty soon it will hit him that he needs GOD just like you do!!

    As for what you can pray for me about...we are once again in major financial trouble and need to receive $2000 just to get utilities and rent caught up. This money needs to come in ASAP (like Friday) but we really don't know where it's coming from!

    Hope you have a good day, Brooke!!

  9. yay you're doing great! I'm proud of you :)

  10. finding the balance -- it's good. you're doing amazing work! peace. i know where i (we) want to be, but because of my job loss and foreclosure it's nowhere near reality. it's a hard road back, that's for sure...but i believe completely that God can totally cover it all even if i screwed it up. i really believe that a year from now i'll be telling you the story of how all the debt was paid :D

  11. Did I really flip off that car?! I thought I just gave him a "what in the hell are you thinking" hand gesture?

    Looks like I need to control myself a little bit. I'd hate to get shot in the ghetto of Sevierville!

    And to be honest, the reason I mention praying before eating is simply because I thought it was something you wanted to do, so I remind you. Not any of the nefarious reasons you mention!


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