March 15, 2011

(Kinda) Before and (Sorta) After

A few weeks before Christmas, my hubby and I started a remodel project at our house.  More accurately, we hired someone to start said project.  We wanted a complete bathroom overhaul, and while they were at it, we requested custom built-in bookshelves in the upstairs landing.

All the work was finished up shortly before we left for Hawaii and now they are ready to enjoy.  I have searched my computer over and I have no before picture for you.  I am a bloggy failure.

Forgive me?

Here's the closest I could find.

But you get the idea.  It was a wall with a window and a baseboard.  Somewhat exciting when the window was up on a sunny day.  That's where I can hear cows from across the river that make me feel like I'm at home.

The perfectionist in me didn't love the finished product at first, but its certainly growing on me.  Especially now that Jay's moved his stuff in.

The window seat even has a storage compartment for smaller things, with a flat handle so that it can also be used as a seat.  We got a piece of custom cut foam as a cushion for that area.  I need to find some nice material and make a cover for it.

What does any old vintage house need?  More storage storage of course!

I'm sure we'll have no trouble filling the three good sized drawers at the base of the unit.

Now, for me to stop procrastinating and get my books placed on my side of the shelf.  Its not like it has to be perfect. 

Who am I kidding of course it does!


  1. LOVE the shelves and the drawer! I need more storage space for books!

  2. What a great reading spot! I think it looks amazing and love all the storage.

  3. They look awesome!!! We want to do something similar in the playroom!

  4. That looks so good - love the window seat storage!

  5. Very nice! You're so going to love having more space.

  6. It's really pretty and I didn't realize that was a window in the middle!

  7. I've always thought window seats like that are lovely things. I think if I had a house, I would want one! (I'm in an apartment.)

  8. it's a great spot! I love all those shelves.

  9. Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!!! It's gorgeous.

  10. I LOVE built-in bookshelves! These look great, glad they came together so nicely... :)


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