June 08, 2011

The Birthday Report

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Birthday Post: 

I believe most of you are aware because I shouted it to the world that yesterday was my birthday.  I'm a big kid when it comes to my birthday.  I'm selfish enough to love all that attention.  And pressies.  I love pressies.  It doesn't even have to be something big - when we've decided not to spend money on gifts, I still make Jay buy me something at the dollar tree.

My birthday really started on Saturday.  I had some friends over for game night to celebrate a friend's birthday (hers was the 1st) and my upcoming.  Had hot dogs on the grill then played several rounds of croquet.  (Sorry I don't have the pictures to share.  Will post on facebook...eventually)

Once it got dark (and our headlight round was done) we moved inside and hooked up the Wii.  "Just Dance" is my personal favorite, and Melissa & Jimmy  have both editions.  She snuck our air down to 72* and we danced our booties off.

Then ate cookie cake.  The best cookie cake in the world.

Sunday my parents took me out to a really nice restaurant (I'm pretty sure its just a local chain, not nationwide) for dinner.  They came back to the house afterward and my mom planted some flower bulbs out in the big flower bed out front.

Monday...okay so Monday I didn't do anything for my birthday. 

Yesterday was the big day and I was a bit nervous.  After all I hadn't given Jay any parameters or lists or ideas.  How would he do at pulling things together? 

Before all this my friends and I went to Little Tokyo for birthday lunch.  The Hibachi chicken was good, but I had to wait a little longer than everyone else to get mine.  The chef accidentally gave my portion to another family sitting at the same table as us.

Just as we were finishing up the lights dimmed and the restaurant employees started singing "Happy Birthday"

...as they cook a cake to a little boy two tables away.  My friends apologised, not realizing the restaurant did that for birthdays.  They made up for it with cake and ice cream later in the afternoon. 

On the way back from birthday lunch I got a text from Jay asking if a joke was okay for my birthday as long as I knew it was a joke.   Checking my email, I discovered (what I thought) he was talking about.

We live in the land of tacky t-shirts.  Jay's office is right around the corner from this one.  I've joked in the past that I was going to get Jay this shirt.  His email informed me that they didn't have any of the female version of the tee available yesterday. 

Right before I was going to leave work - I noticed Jay commented on my blog.  "I am screwed."  Its hard to know with him.  Sometimes he messes with me and makes me think he hasn't done anything when he really has.  Other times he really hasn't done anything.  Its hard to tell with him. 

On the drive home I was told to drive around a bit while he got everything ready.  I browsed in Family Dollar for about 10 minutes then he told me it was safe to come home, just call when I got in the driveway.

He came outside to greet me and made me close my eyes as I entered the back door.  He guided me through the hearth room and sat me down at the table.  "Open your eyes..."

If you can't read them the book title is "Your big fat boyfriend: How to Stay thin when dating a diet disaster."  The koozies say "Don't look at me - that's not my kid." and  "Don't make me unfriend you."  What can I say we're a classy couple.

Jay said he'd get the pizza rolls cooking, but then had trouble locating the cookie sheet.  "Come help me look," he said.  As I walked into the kitchen I told him they were in the dish  washer.  Only they weren't.  3 plates were missing as well.  None of the rest had been put away.  Also?  I noticed a wine glass on the cabinet and the door to the glasses (we always use cups) was partially opened.

"Where could they be?  Come help me look."  He led me into the dining room where we found the cookie sheets...and a spectacular dinner awaiting us.

He'd fixed steak, BBQ chicken, corn, and red skinned potatoes all on the grill.  Who knew he knew how to cook those things (but you'd better believe that knowledge is the best birthday gift of them all).  He'd opened a bottle of wine and already had a glassed poured for me.

To be honest, I expected some sort of middle ground between pizza rolls and this feast.  Burgers on the grill or something.  The meal was incredible!  Who knew there was more?

Along with the daisies I'd requested (in a round-about way via twitter) he'd found a really pretty purple flower to go in the bouquet. 

And of course, there were 3 wrapped books on the corner of the table, but I was fairly certain those came from the Dollar Tree where he had purchased my other goodies as well.  He wrapped them using newspaper and glue, since he couldn't find the tape.  Unwrapping them I noticed he'd done a pretty good job on titles.  I don't recall them, but they all seemed pretty interesting for $1 books.

In the final book I opened I found something else - I guessed (because I always guess my presents - that's half the fun) that it was a gift card.  Of course I was right, but I was blown out of the water when Jay told me what it was for - a manicure, pedicure, and a 50 minute massage (gratuity included). 

Let's not tell him that I would have been thrilled with one or the other, m'kay? 

Disclaimer: This blog contains an Amazon Associates link.  Clicking + buying = kick backs for me. 

Consider it a belated birthday gift. 


  1. what a good guy Jay is...I love his humor! Glad you had an extra special day!

  2. nice work Jay!!! I loved the natty light and pizza rolls--keepin it classy.

  3. Yay for birthday surprises. :) Glad to hear your day was wonderful.

  4. Okay, comments worked this time!

    WAY TO GO JAY!!!!!

    I am in love with his decoy! Totally something my husband would do!! I love a sense of humor in a man.

    Glad you're birthday was all you had hoped for and more, Brooke!

    Love you!

  5. Awww!! Glad you had such a wonderful birthday! That's so sweet and fun!

  6. aww, he totally outdid himself!! what a fun few days of celebrating :)

  7. I am so glad he came through for his girl! What a fun guy and great surprise!

  8. Sounds like a great birthday. Jay is a good egg...and love his sense of humor. Enjoy all the pampering!!!

  9. That's a great birthday surprise! So glad you had a good day!

  10. It sounds like your birthday was absolutely wonderful. I'm glad Jay was able to surprise you.

  11. I'd say that birthday was a win! J did well - can you have him give M a call b4 my bday gets here in August?

  12. WHOOOOOP WHOOOOOP!!! WHAT A GUY!!! glad you were spoiled!!

  13. He done good!! let's keep him around, k???!!! So glad your birthday was a good one!!

  14. WOW!! What an amazing husband you have - I'm so happy you had such a great birthday...

    Now, how about sharing Jay's phone number so I can give it to my Hubby. :) Sounds like Jay could give out some pointers...LOL

  15. Love birthday surprise like that! What an awesome birthday dinner!! And now that you know he can grill, I say I see more dinners in your future.

  16. Aw! He did a great job!! :)

  17. Happy Birthday to you! I am a big kid about mine too.

    Jay sounds like a riot and very thoughtful. :)

  18. that's AWESOME! i meant to tell you yesterday to have a great birthday, and i suppose you did :-)

    i think your guy and mine would get along just fine ;-) perhaps a tn blogger meetup is necessary.

  19. Jay did awesome! Glad you had such a nice birthday! :)


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