June 20, 2011

Guess what I saw this weekend...

This weekend Kirsten & Co dropped by for a visit on their way north.  While they were here we went on a short little hike.  She's been driving practically daily since they left Nevada over 2 weeks ago (with 3 children) so a good hike was just what they needed.

As we headed toward the park, traffic was stopped. 

We hadn't even gotten into the National Park and already a bear jam.

This was a big ole bruiser.  Remembering of course that I always use a zoom and never get that close, but still he was closer than I felt comfortable.  I snapped a few pictures then hopped in the driver's seat so Kirsten could take some pictures with her super duper camera.

I stole this picture off Jay's facebook, but will share the rest of the pictures from our trip when I get unlazy a chance.

What excitement did you have over the weekend?


  1. Now that's exciting! No excitement over here, but I had the weekend off so that was good!

  2. Nothing as exciting as Kirsten & Co. and a bear sighting!

  3. I'm with you, even with a zoom lens, to close for me! Our weekend was full of baseball. But now that is over and I'm sure by next week I'll be going thru some form of withdrawal. That is aleast until September. FALL BALL, well I call it summer ball because it's still so freakin' HOT!

  4. erm, nothing like that! just more apartment hunting and a lovely sunday afternoon nap :-)

  5. Ummm...you've got me beat! I look forward to seeing more pics soon!!

  6. oh man! that is really exciting! my husband and i honeymooned on vancouver island this past september and got to see small black bears. we love nature watching!

    bird and i headed to sydney's eastern beaches this weekend, which you can check out under Weekends in Sydney at clayrachael.blogspot.com

    looking forward to more pictures!

  7. I went to Alaska as a kid and saw Grizzlies super up close and personal. It was crazy! I suppose when you are THAT big, you have very little care/fear of busses and cars. Ha! Maybe when I visit I'll get to see one too... *sigh* some day!

  8. One of my goals in life is to see a bear. In the wild.


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