June 01, 2011

Buh Bye May!

So yesterday was the last day of May and I got it in my head that I'd need to weigh-in for the final challenge wrap up.  Yesterday I hopped on the scale.  And about threw it across the room.  I was up 1.4 from last week.  Considering last week I was at my highest ever weight, this was not good news.   These are not the kind of records I want to be setting!

Thankfully, I was granted a stay of execution and the official end of challenge weigh in is today.  Makes sense right, since yesterday morning the month wasn't over and now it is.  Those Sisterhood hookers are smart gals.

May Your Way Challenge

I'm back down to last week's weight.  1.4 pounds lost in 1 day.  I'm not foolish enough to think it was fat loss, but I'm glad to see that I don't need to be worried about an upward spiral with my weight.  I'm still not happy with having a 4 in the middle position on the scale, but the 0 after it makes me a little more happy.

I ate well yesterday.  If everyday could be like that I would be happy no matter what my weight or pant size.  I hope.  Here was my menu:

whole wheat English muffin
peanut butter

Boca burger
steamed veggies

Pulled pork BBQ
corn on the cob

Evening snack:
chocolate pie

One thing I love about this?  Its got portion control, without restriction.  Healthy food without sacrifice.  This is what I want the food portion of my life to be about.  Can I maintain it?  Yes and no.  As long as I'm working toward it that's what counts, right?

Moving along to my goals for the challenge...

  1. Tracking my exercises in an excel spreadsheet. Marking the completed workouts in purple, the incomplete workouts in tan, abandoned workouts in red. The goal is to complete 85% of all scheduled workouts. That sounds really low, but its only getting to fudge on 5 workouts. I'm going to count incomplete workouts as half a workout.

    I completed 23.5 out of 26 possible workouts this month.  Breaking out the trusty calculator (cause trophy wives don't do math) that's 90%!

    This goal marked - exceeded!
  2. Tracking my food in an excel spreadsheet as well as a printed publisher file. I'm going to plan out my menu for the week, then track how often I follow through. This means no guilt for the Friday fast food with mom. No guilt for going out for BBQ with my love. Shooting for 85% on this one too.

    Kicked ass on this one I suspect.  Let's consult the spreadsheet - I ate as planned 62 of 66 meals.  94%

    This goal marked - exceeded!
  3. A new 5K PR.  

    I blew the old PR of 31:35 out of the water on Saturday finishing in 29:20.

    This goal marked - exceeded!
One can take from this one of two things.  1) I set my goals too easy and should try harder for June.  2) I'm freakin awesome and should just accept it.

Hope you had a great May as well!


  1. HOLY MOLY on the new 5K PR, Brooke. WOW. WOW. WOW! I am so excited for you!

    You crack me up with your trophy wife calculator and all of your spreadsheets. I love it.

    I have that pesky 4 in the middle, too. But it's also followed by a 4. STINKS. I am not too worried about it though, because I know what I need to do and I'm well on my way to doing it. Sigh. It just sucks that it has to be this way.

    Love you :)

  2. Way to lay the smack down on those goals! LOL @ the trophy wife comment...I sure as crap don't do math. Trophy wives unite!

  3. You're just freaking awesome, no doubt!

  4. You're just freakin awesome! :)

    Congrats on meeting your goals this month Brooke.

  5. Love your "trophy wife" comment!

    Love that you met your goals and blew them out of the water!! Whoooohooo!! All in all an AWESOME month!!

    and as I've been saying the weight loss is all a matter of controlling the choices we make with our food! You can do this....I know it!!

  6. nice work on all of those. I love the progess

  7. I like the second reason...you are freaking awesome and should just accept it! Way to blow those goals out of the water. You should be proud of your hard work!

  8. You are fabulous!! :) Congrats on meeting (and smashing) all of your goals for May!

  9. i choose option 2 :-) you rocked it this month (er, last month. but you'll rock it this month too :D)

  10. Great job Brooke! I can't stop thinking about your PR and how proud I am of you. I read your doubt over and over about whether or not you could do it, but knew in my heart that you would!

    So freakin proud of you and so inspired by this! I am will be following in your footsteps... SOON!

  11. #2 for sure ~ you're freakin' awesome!!!! Your menu looks super ~ portion control is great, especially if you can still have some chocolate!


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