June 22, 2011

This is how I roll

Sure today is check in day at the Sisterhood

Yes this is a quasi-post about just that.

Burst Into Summer Challenge

See - I even used the button.  ^^

I'm up a half pound today and am thrilled about it.  I ate 3,000+ calories yesterday and am still suffering a bit from beer bloat.  Only a half a pound is incredible!

Wanna know why I'm struggling with this weight loss thing?  Slip on these size 9 narrows of mine and take a little walk.

Yesterday I got up early to run before work so that I could help Jay with an errand for the cabin at lunch.  Breakfast was fine, as was morning snack.  As I tried to eat my lunch before I left to pick him up, I just couldn't force myself to eat it.  Chipotle lime chicken with rice. 

Might as well have been a stale saltine cracker.

You see for over a year now I've dazzled my taste buds with exciting cuisine: chips and salsa followed by a chicken chimichanga with refried beans at the Mexican restaurant, pizza and bread sticks galore at the Pizza Hut buffet, and whatever my mom and I decide we're craving on Fast Food Friday.

So instead of eating the chicken and rice, I rebelled.  I did finish my salad, but I threw the rice away and put the chicken back in the fridge.  Then after Jay and I were finished with the errand we stopped in Rotten Ronnie's for a burger, fries, and a hot fudge sundae (I'm a $1 menu shopper).

After a dental appointment, Jay and I met his cousin and wife at our favorite local restaurant for dinner.

{insert picture of 33 oz Black Bear Ale here} *

Beer, wings, and pizza was the order of the evening.  Followed by a little mini-golf.

{insert putt-putt picture here}

Around hole 16 it started thundering.  By my turn on hole 18 it was pouring the rain and me (and my Ann Taylor work clothes) were drenched.  We retreated inside to the arcade.

{insert picture of Big Chad playing a hunting game here}

Jay & I hated to waste money on tokens, but I did bust out a few mad skeeball skilz.

{insert skeeball picture here}

So you see, with all that fun and excitement - how do I expect to lose weight?  I'm certainly not going to be the girl who sips water and eats a salad while everyone else dives in to the fattening yummy food.

*I'm highly annoyed with blogger right now.  Its not loading the super cool awesome pictures I wanted to show you.  So that's it for blogger.  I'll announce my ebook winner here tomorrow, then Friday I'm moving over to my new wordpress site.  Hope you'll join me there!!


  1. A girl can only deal with so much peer pressure! Considering what you ate yesterday I would say you got off pretty easy! lol!! don't worry you can get rid of the weight easy enough with all the running and workouts you do!

  2. I'm such a firm believer in not depriving yourself of "letting your hair down once in a while". It may explain why my weight hasn't budged below 210lbs..but I'm not changing that belief!!

    I think you did great - and sorry about your pics. :(

  3. I think that one great day filled with yummy stuff is just fine. You had a fantastic day and I can't wait to see the photos and BTW wordpress rocks :)

  4. I'm with everyone else that once in a while indulging is not a bad thing, and if it shows up as 0.5 lb gain the next day, fine. It'll go away.

    Of course, the trouble is to not let that indulgence be a habit. (That's where I've been for the past few months.) So, if it's a habit, we may need to intervene with some butt-kicking :)

  5. I heart mini golf. I also enjoy eating out. The important thing is to not over do it with the eating out. That is something my hubby and I are working on.

    Yay for it only being a half pound. Had it been me doing that, well, yeah, we wont go there. :)

    Hooray for moving to wordpress! I am happy that I made the switch. One day I'll have a dot com but well that will be a ways off.

    Have a great week Brooke.

  6. So you had a bad day, so what! You just start over today and don't let it become a habit. We've all done it before. You just had the bad luck to do it the day before a weigh in. You'll post a loss next week.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! Indulging can be a food thing sometimes!

    {question: would you like to guest blog for me in a few weeks? *batting eyelashes* Please say yes!}

  8. Look on the other side of the coin...you got in some "exercise" walking 18 holes of putt putt golf...maybe it's not running a 5K but it's moving. Those mad skeeball skilz...arm exercises no matter how you look at it. And you got to sepnd the evening with your hubby doing something you don't do very often...total score! So the day wasn't a complete bomb!

  9. It's hard to stay healthy when eating out. I know, I've done a ton of it this week. Just jump back on the wagon for this next week!

  10. I'm a dollar menu shopper too! And if I ran like you do I'd eat whatever I want too!!

  11. I'm with Joanna on the 'girls just gotta have fun' thing -- it just sucks when it happens the day before a weigh in - and yup, I think you got off easy!

  12. It's all about balance. You are doing just fine.


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