June 03, 2011

Financial Friday - May close out, Hello June!

Hopefully tonight (after we go to the pool) Jay and I will have our month end/month begin budget meeting.  I know - Dave Ramsey would yell at me - June's should be done before the month begins.  If that's the worst I'm doing wrong I'm in good shape.

Eating out -  ??? budgeted/$156.89 actual

We were bad.  Not sure why May's meeting never happened.  Cannot let that happen for June.

Groceries - $200 budgeted/$263.03 actual

Jay and I discussed this one because he wanted me to stockpile and thought that a $200 budget for the entire month would be sufficient.  Not so much. Honestly though now we don't have much room for me to buy more, although that's party because of a Sams Club trip.  I got outta there for under $150.  That's  doing well right??

Brooke personal spending - $125 budgeted/$124.51 actual

I'm good. 

Okay not really.  Jay said I only had to count 1/2 of my thrift store purchases out of my personal spending, and my parents ending up springing for my usual Friday lunch this past week.  The goal for June is to keep it down to $100 to prove to myself that if I get a smart phone the extra money out of this category won't hurt.

Jay personal spending - $85 budgeted/$101.66 actual

Tsk, tsk, tsk!!  We'll discuss tonight if the extra comes off the top of next month's budget. 

We got to pay extra on our mortgage this month, so I'm really hoping that will help me get more focused in my efforts.   Although I hope Jay doesn't let that stop his generous heart when he goes birthday shopping for me! 

Have you completed your budget this month?  What's your biggest struggle?


  1. I find this very interesting! I'll have to think about doing this.

  2. nicely done!! an extra mortgage!! that's a fantastic goal!!

  3. Reeeeally wish you'd pass me just like 1/10th of your financial discipline!

  4. The fact that y'all went over a bit but were still able to put extra toward your mortgage is super great! W do pretty well with the budget most of the time. Chris makes a little extra money (that we don't budget for) by playing bass on Sundays, so I always know that's coming & don't feel so bad about a little splurge! June is looking good for us! {it's about time!!}

  5. Eating out kills us! Most of our friends are not frugal and do not cook, so we end up gettings eating out invites at least weekly, if not more! But it is so fun to go to eat with friends and there is no clean-up...


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