June 10, 2011

Frugal Friday Fun!

Okay so I threw the "fun" part in just to sucker you in.  Did it work?  Mhahahahahahaha!

I think we're doing pretty good on the budget this month, although we did splurge on a dot com that I hope to introduce you to in the next few weeks.  I'll be saying goodbye to blogger for greener pastures, but I promise to leave enough bread crumbs so that you can still find me!

Brooke's personal spending:

$125 budgeted/$25.26 actual

Doing well on this!  I can continue spending at this rate (about $18 a week) and still have $45 left!  I'm mulling over a clothing revolution for myself...so I'm thinking of early registration for a couple of races I have my eye on.  The month is still young, so something could come up.

Jay's personal spending:

$95 budgeted/$0.54 actual

We got 3 more BP gift cards for $10, so I gave them to Jay and reduced his spending by that amount.  He must have at least used 2, because 4 cans = $10.27.  That means he's purchased 8 cans for the month?  That can't be right.  Hmmm...maybe a couple of charges just haven't shown up yet.  (He typically uses a can a day.) 


$150 budgeted/$130.42 actual

There are a couple of things factoring into this one, so I'm not going to spaz.  We've got plenty of food on hand, so I might be able to stick to the budget.  Jay cooked me a super awesome birthday dinner including steak and chicken, so it wasn't exactly frugal or best price.  But it was yummy. 

Eating out

$100 budgeted/$0 actual

We went out to eat this weekend with my parents but they bought my dinner for my birthday and they wanted to buy Jay's too since he's been helping out so much with the garden (my dad's shoulder still isn't back up to snuff since his surgery).

This weekend we're staying in (as best I know) so we shouldn't spend anything.  I hope to go under budget on this one, but we'll have to see.  As I've said the month is still young.

How are things going with your budget?


  1. y'all are doing great so far!!

    have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Y'all are right on track! My budget is so blown this months and it's only the beginning.

  3. $150 for groceries per month?? Holy cow. We spend at least $500-$600!

  4. Keep up the good work! We're doing OK with ours. The kids & I have splurged a little, but that's what I use my work $ for {& I worked a day & 1/2 this week} Next week, they'll be at my brother's, so we won't spend anything!

  5. Congrats are being so on target!

  6. You should be giving lessons on this. $150. for grocery is amazing. We spend at least that a week.


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