September 16, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: High Heels

I love flip flops and tennis shoes just as much as the next girl, but I have learned that heels give women a certain kind of power that we must not take lightly.

If tennis shoes = comfort

then heels = sexy

I have to say that I was quite thrilled early in our relationship when Mr. Right encouraged me to wear tennis shoes on one of our dates (that was the night we officially became a couple). I'm a girly tomboy, so it was nice to know that both sides would be appreciated by my new boyfriend.

While he's use to seeing me in tennis shoes and work out clothes (I frequently work out after work before I head over to his place) I love it when I get all dressed up on the weekend and put on a pair of heels - they make me feel far more attractive in a pair of jeans than I would otherwise.

I understand that looking good for your man and feeling good for yourself are important, heels serve another purpose in my life - getting me the help I need in the hardware store or the automotive store. This tactic only works if the prices are fixed (otherwise it has the opposite effect), but whenever I head to one of those stores in my work clothing, I get almost immediate assistance. Apparently a well dressed woman in a store that sells hardware looks like a damsel in distress, and men have it programed in their brains to rush to her rescue.

I first noticed this phenomenon when purchasing oil and a filter for my car at Wal-Mart. Armed with my feminist "I can do it myself" attitude, I went into the automotive section armed with the knowledge that "the book" would have my filter number and all I would have to do was find the number from the book on a box (thanks Daddy!). He warned that an automotive store would be more helpful, although their products my be $1 or $2 higher.

He's apparently never shopped at Wal-Mart in a skirt and heels. No sooner did I get to the book and start to open it, but I had a sales associate by my side looking through the book for me.

Last week, Mr. Right went out to the new house to do some work. He couldn't stop by the home improvement store first because he didn't know what items he would need before looking at the broken pipe. Instead of wasting gas coming back into town, he called me and had me write down what he needed.

Once again I was determined to do it on my own, but armed...I mean shod with a pair of heels I once again found myself rescued by a knight in a blue vest. And he did actually help me. (Did you know there is a difference between a compression coupling and a regular coupling? I didn't and he saved me $3 and a trip back to the store.)

The way I see it, dragons (in the form of car salesman, mechanics, and the like) have been going after princess for years, its about time we turned the tables and appreciated the knights willing to help us.

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  1. I love the attention I get in heels too, plus I love feeling like a girly girl!

  2. I agree. Maybe it has something to do with how we feel more sassy when we're in heels!

    And a good pair of heels is worth their weight in gold. I love my Steve Maddens and could probably wear them all day, every day if I needed to.


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