August 14, 2008

Ceramic Curling/Straightening Iron

Since I tend to have multiple personality syndrome when it comes to my hair - I have several different ways I can fix it. My two lazy ways include scrunching it curling and a ponytail. Not sure why, but Mr. Right loves my hair pulled back in a ponytail. Lucky for me because most of the time he sees me right after I get finished at the gym! :) I use a great curl product - but I'll save that for another TILT.

Today I want to blog about my Conair curling iron as well as my straightening iron.

I purchased the straightener about 3 years ago after using a friend's. Its high powered heat gave my hair that polished, straight from the salon look. The main problem was that she had to have a glove on her hand as she did her hair. The iron gets so hot that you can't touch your hair immediately afterward for fear of burning yourself. I suppose that's why on the makeover shows, the stylists are shown with a comb in their hand to hold the hair.

I didn't consider we had two different hair types, so I started using my straightener on high heat. She has very coarse, curly hair, so in order to get her hair straight - the high setting is a must. My hair is thick and full, but not at all coarse (thanks to my mother keeping her hair genes to herself). When I went to the stylist for my next cut, he told me that the heat was damaging my hair. I cut back to half heat and its more than enough to do the job, but not ruin my hair.

As I started growing my hair out, I purchased a fat barrelled curling iron. Since I loved my straightener so much, I opted to get the same kind - Conair, paying close attention to make sure its ceramic. And I produced wonderful results. I've even been told my hair looks like Hayden Panettiere - that chick that plays Claire on Heroes.

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Not quite, but I'm not going to argue! :)

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  1. Well you can't beat that. I have a conair straightener too. Love it!!

  2. I attempt to curl my hair, oh, about once a year or so and have struggled quite a bit with exactly how to do it. Now I think I just need a fatter barrel, so this is great!

  3. My hair is just curly enough to be coarse and frizzy but not straight enough to easily straighten.

    I've never owned a straightner before, most stylist gasp when I tell them that ;)

    RYC- It wasn't white rain, but it was some crazy curl enhancing product.

  4. Hi! My dsuaghter cannot live without her straightener, but I have finally learned to love my wavy hair and am sticking with it. Here's question for you—how much do you need to spend on a straightener to get one that is good to your hair??

  5. My hair is pretty short (just below my chin) but I would love to do a short bob with those big wave like Hayden has in the picture. Maybe I could try the Conair and see if it would do the trick (if my hair will actually hold the curl, that is).

    See, all these fancy straighteners? They modeled their results after my hair. My hair is so stick-straight I can't do anything with it except blow it out. I had a friend "straighten" it once in college and I ended up looking like I had a bad 80's 'do because all the layered ends were stiff and sticking out. So no straightener for me. :(


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